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Are you looking for a place to take your startup dreams and turn them into reality? Then you’ve come to the right place at Launchpad Brevard! This Florida entrepreneurship center offers everything from mentoring programs and networking events to office space and funding opportunities. In this ultimate guide, we provide you with in-depth information on all things Launchpad Brevard so tune in, get ready to learn, and let’s take your business idea to the next level! Launchpad Brevard Schools is Brevard Public Schools in Florida’s way of enhancing online learning. It is a platform where teachers, students and parents can access digital tools and resources. Various applications such as Google Drive, Canvas and online textbooks are available.

What is the Brevard Launchpad Brevard ?

Starting a startup or small business can be daunting, but with the help of Brevard’s Launchpad, getting started is easier than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about this vibrant community center for entrepreneurs. Launchpad Brevard is an exciting new community center for small businesses and for those who are going to start new companies in Brevard County, Florida. This co-working space offers workshops and events to help budding entrepreneurs get started, as well as access to resources and support from other members of the community.

How does the Brevard Launchpad work?

Launchpad Brevard is a cloud-based software development platform that makes managing your code, collaboration and release easy. Apart from that, it offers various project management and monitoring tools. Brevard’s Launchpad makes it easy to find and use the best open source libraries and frameworks, and find collaborators for your project. To start using Launchpad Brevard, first sign up for an account. After you create an account, you need to set your preferences. This includes setting a password and authorizing Launchpad Brevard to access your account. Once your preferences are set, you can start working on your project! To start a new project in the link, click the New Project button present on the main toolbar. This will open a new window containing all the basic information about the project. In this window you need to enter the name of the project, its description and a brief overview of its functions. You must then choose which code library or framework you want to use for the project. Brevard’s Launchpad offers a wide variety of code libraries and framework options, so there’s likely something to suit your needs. After choosing a library or framework, you must choose which GitHub repository to use in this project. Finally, you need to configure some settings related to source and version control.

What is the requirement to login in the launchpad website?

The Launchpad website and the Focus registration system are used by Brevard Public Schools to manage student records, attendance, and data entry. In order to use this system, students must have a valid school email address and password. Students can log in using their school email address and password or their Facebook account if they have one. If students don’t have a Facebook account, they can create one via the Focus login system. For the focus login system, students must enter their name, date of birth and gender.

Launchpad Brevard portal?

Register (

How to sign in to your focus Google account from home

If you are a current or former student, faculty, staff member, or parent of Brevard Public Schools and want to use Launchpad and Focus Login for your individual school account, follow the steps below:

How to access Focus from PC

  • Use Google Chrome or any other Microsoft browser.
  • Visit the Brevard Public Schools website at
  • Click the circular “LaunchPad” icon.
  • Click the Sign in with Microsoft button.
image 16
  • On the next displayed screen, enter your username.
  • Student username: Your
  • click next.
Example: A student with student number 2555122 will have the username
image 1
  • After the above procedure you move on to the next screen there, enter your password and click Login.
Student Password: The password for your school computer
image 2
How to access Focus from a mobile device? There are three ways to access Focus from your mobile device
  • Use the Focus mobile app
  • Use the Classlink app
  • Using a browser, go to, click the LaunchPad link and go to Launchpad.

By Using the Focus mobile app

  • Search for the BPS Focus app and download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Sign in to the app by clicking Single Sign-On and using the following credentials:
    • Username:
    • Password: Your school password
image 19

By using the Classlink mobile app

  • Search for and download the Classlink app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Sign in to the app by clicking Sign in with Microsoft and using the following credentials:
    • Username:
    • Password: Your school password
image 20
  • Then click the BPS FOCUS Live application.
image 4

By using an internet browser

  • Open your mobile browser
image 3
image 5
  • Go to
  • Move on to the top left corner and then click on the 3 horizontal lines.
image 22
  • Click Global Symbols
image 12
  • Click LaunchPad
image 6
  • Click Sign in with Microsoft and use the following credentials:
image 31
  • Username:
  • Password: Your school password
  • Then click the BPS FOCUS Live application.
image 17

How to login to Launchpad and set a new password

  • For the Launchpad registration process, go to, the Brevard School Launchpad website.
  • Enter your username and password for your Brevard Public Schools student account or Parent Portal account.
  • Click the “Login” button.
  • You will then be redirected to the Launchpad dashboard where you can use various digital tools and resources.
In essence, to access the Brevard Launchpad Schools dashboard, enter your student or parent portal account username and password, select Sign In, or click the Login button.

Access Launchpad – Brevard Public Schools

  • Use the Google Chrome browser
image 8
  • Visit the Brevard Public Schools website at
image 13
  • Click the circular LaunchPad button.
  • Click the Sign in with Microsoft button.
image 27
  • On the next screen, enter your username and password.
    • Student username: Your
    • Student Password: The password for your school computer
image 15
Example: A student with student number 1234567 will have the username

Parents: Launchpad and… – Brevard Public Schools (Official)

Please note that students register via Launchpad. The PIN you use to log in is not used by students. Student login instructions:
  • To create a new account using Google Chrome as the browser, go to
  • Click here to register a new account.
image 34
Note: You can also use the mobile app to create a new account.
  • Fill in the form fields. Please note: BPS email addresses may not be used for parent accounts.
NOTE: If you are a BPS employee and a parent, it is recommended that you use an “incognito” window to log in parents.
  • Click Send.
image 23
  • On the next screen, fill in your child’s information and enter the PIN you received. The PIN code is case sensitive.
image 14
Note: If you enter incorrect information, you will be notified with a red message on the screen. Try again.
  • Once this is done, the added students will appear on your screen. If you want to add more children, select the option to add registered children or register unregistered children. When finished adding students, click DONE, add students. Please take me to the portal so I can go to the focus portal
image 7
To log in after creating your account:
image 32

Forgotten password and locked account

  • After 5 failed login attempts, you will be banned. If it’s locked, you’ll need to reset your password.
  • Schools and districts cannot reset account passwords.
  • If you forgot your password, click Click here if you forgot your login information.
  • You will be asked to enter your email address and password reset instructions will be emailed to the address you provided. Click the link in the email.e9b2cf01 4ae9 42d6 aa9b 808a5685f86d
  • Enter your email address and click Submit.
image 18
  • If there is an account associated with the email address provided, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
image 9
  • After clicking the link in the email, you will be taken to the FOCUS screen.
image 24
  • Click the Click button to view your new credentials.
image 10
  • Your temporary password will appear on the screen.
    • Be sure to write down this temporary password as you will need it the next time you log in to change your account password.
    • Click here to enter the Main Portal.
image 25
  • Change your password. “Current password” is the password you wrote down in the previous step. When finished, click “Save” in the upper right corner.
image 11
What can a parent see on the parent portal? Left menu
image 28
District and school announcements
image 30
Student block
image 33
image 26
image 29
image 21

Benefits of using the Brevard Launchpad

If you’re looking for a way to manage your software development projects, look no further than Brevard’s Launchpad. This online tool provides a central location for managing and sharing software development resources. The benefits of using the Brevard Launchpad include:
  • Ability to share code, libraries, and tools with your team
  • Ability to find and use open source projects
  • Ability to access project information from anywhere in the world
  • Convenience of using the online platform

How long does it take to sign up for Launchpad Brevard?

If you have a startup idea, Launchpad Brevard can help you realize that vision. Launchpad Brevard offers three different services to help startups get started: Startup Accelerator, Startup Incubator, and Business Accelerator. The Startup Accelerator Program helps startups grow their businesses by providing access to resources and mentoring from industry experts. In addition to this support, the program provides startups with office space and funding to help them get started. Incubator programs offer start-ups more time and space to grow their businesses. Finally, the Business Accelerator helps startups find the investors and sponsors they need to succeed. All of these programs are available to new and existing Brevard County businesses. If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level, contact Launchpad Brevard today! Focus Parent Portal software? FOCUS is a software program used by Brevard County to report reviews. The Focus software on parent portal in Brevard County provides parents and guardians with an overview of assignments, grades, attendance information, and current grade points. Below you will find important information about using FOCUS.
  • To access the FOCUS school software, you must use Chrome as your web browser.
  • A Parent’s PIN letter is available during registration. If you have not received the FOCUS parenting code letter, please contact the Front Office. We advise parents to create their FOCUS parent account as soon as possible.
  • After 5 failed login attempts, the parent will be banned. Click the Reset Password feature to reset the parent password. A teacher or BPS employee has no way to unlock a parent’s password. If parents forget their email address, register again with the correct email information. PINs are assigned per student, so each student has only one PIN.
  • Students use LaunchPad to access their FOCUS student account with their LaunchPad username and password. You will not create a FOCUS student account.
  • Parents and students use FOCUS to view grades, test results, online homework, and any other information teachers share related to their courses and assignments.

How do I use the Brevard Schools Launchpad? – Best mode

  • To go to Brevard Launchpad Schools, type in your web browser’s address bar.
  • Once you reach the home page, you can see the page where you are logged in. Brevard Public School students must log in to the portal using their student ID and password. Parents can use their own account to access and login to the Parent Portal.
  • After logging in to the Launchpad Brevard system, the Launchpad dashboard displays. Dashboards are designed to make it easy to navigate to your most used apps and resources. You can customize the dashboard to suit your needs by adding or removing icons.
  • To access any app or resource, all you have to do is tap on its icon. For example, you can click the Google Drive icon to open Google Drive.
  • If you are taking an online course through Brevard Launchpad Schools, you can access coursework and materials from the Canvas or Edgenuity icons. To access your class, click on the icon.
  • Exit Launchpad by clicking the exit button at the top right of the page when finished.

Introducing the Neurodiversity Accessibility Toolkit at BPS Launchpad

Brevard Public Schools recognizes and celebrates the diversity in the minds of our students, parents and staff. These differences make us value individual strengths and use them to overcome challenges. Our goal is for all of our students to learn to maximize their strengths and become successful self-advocates for their own learning. Going forward, all BPS stakeholders must utilize these resources to meet the needs of our students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The Toolkit is designed to be a “living document” with research that is constantly being updated and resources being added. The Accessibility Toolkit supports the district’s top five priorities in early literacy, college and career readiness, and social and emotional support for all students.
  • Early Literacy: Research shows that early detection is very important. By providing early indicators of dyslexia and the necessary interventions, our first learners can be successful!
  • College/Career Readiness: Digital support provides the necessary tools to access grade-level content. These digital tools provide accessibility and opportunities for post-secondary education and employment.
  • Social Emotional Support: The goal of early intervention and digital support is to provide the classroom with the necessary tools to create a safe and supportive learning environment. Providing interventions is part of a bigger picture, but focusing on students’ strengths is just as important as their emotional health.


Brevard Public Schools is pleased to announce the launch of our new enrollment system, Launchpad & Focus. This new system will streamline your school experience and help you stay organized while enrolling at Brevard Public Schools. Launchpad & Focus gives you access to grades, attendance records, progress reports and more. If you have questions or concerns about the new system, please contact us at or call 321-965-4000. We look forward to helping you start your journey at Brevard Public Schools!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Brevard Launchpad?
Brevard’s Launchpad is a collaborative platform for the technology community in Brevard County, Florida. It gives users access to software and tools to help them work together on projects.
How to use Launchpad Brevard?
There are several ways to use the Brevard Launchpad. You can create a project and invite other people to join you, or you can browse projects that other people have created.
What software is available from Launchpad Brevard?
The Brevard Launchpad provides access to software from a variety of vendors, including Microsoft, Google, and Apple. You can also find tools for software development, data management, and web development.
How to create a project in Launchpad Brevard?
To create a project on the Brevard Launchpad, first click the Create Project button on the home page. You will then be asked to enter a name for your project and select a category (eg software or technology).
Who can join my project on Launchpad Brevard?
Anyone can join your project on LaunchpadBrevard. If you want to limit participation to certain community members, you can set permission settings in your project settings.
Can I share my project with others online?
Yes, you can share your project with others by posting it to the “Share this project” tab on the home page
Is there any app to download something to my computer while using Focus?
FOCUS is a web-based program that provides an application called BPS FOCUS. No additional software or downloads required.
What happens if something is missing in the FOCUS portal page and it goes wrong?
Parents should use Google Chrome as FOCUS recommends it as the browser of choice for this program. You have to clear your cache/browsing history. You can find instructions on how to do this in Chrome here.
What do parents need to access FOCUS when using a Mac?
Parents should download and install Google Chrome on your Mac if they have problems with Safari. Nothing else is needed It’s the start of the school year and I don’t see any classes for my students. The school timetable is constantly being updated and changed at the start of the year as enrollment fluctuates greatly in the early weeks of school. Class schedules are visible to parents and students on the first day of school, but are subject to change. If you still don’t see any courses for your child, it means the schedule is finalizing.
How can parents see their child’s grades in FOCUS?
Once parents log in to the parent portal, they will be presented with a message and alert area. Also, in the students area, you can see a list of subjects with current student grades for each class. To see a detailed list of student assignments and grades, parents need to click on the current grade of the grade you want to view.
How do parents email their child’s FOCUS teacher?
In the student area, click the teacher’s name.
How can parents message their child’s teacher in Focus?
Click the Messenger link at the bottom left of the screen.
What should parents do when they see inappropriate grades?
Your child’s grade point average changes are active in FOCUS and change as soon as the teacher enters the class. Teachers have different ways of managing incoming grades. Therefore, values ​​such as zero or 100 may appear when the teacher completes the assignment. If you have questions about your child’s displayed grades, contact the child’s teacher directly.
How can parents see intermediate grades or grades in FOCUS?
Parents can click Grades under the student’s name in the left pane. Once they get to the next screen, they have to select the options they want to see. Check the Show Progress Periods box to view all block mark periods. Several schools have also published a PDF file of the report.

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