HuskyCT Login with Blackboard 

Husky CT with Blackboard Collaborate is an LMS used by faculty at the University of Connecticut (UConn) to provide grades to students. The LMS has undergone several reviews and is recognized as a very powerful Learning Management System (LMS) which will no doubt help students and faculty to complete their assignments.

Despite these advantages, mastering HuskyCT will take a long time for new students. However, depending on how attractive a person is to new things, you may find that people get used to it quickly.

While this article is more student-focused, you should also be aware that the Huskyct input portal is also accessible to staff, administrators, public health professionals, and other groups of people who are responsible for assisting schools with compliance to assist with their mission.

What is HuskyCT?

Husky CT is a virtual learning environment used by UConn to make it easier for students to access learning content such as discussions, forums, quizzes, assessments, course materials, and more. This app uses Blackboard Learn 9.1 to provide rich and engaging content.

In addition, as a teacher in charge of student learning, you have access to a wide range of e-educational resources and services, including publication of materials and all types of content aimed at supporting your students.

HuskyCT blackboard can be used in both mobile apps and desktop devices. It also has apps for Android and iOS devices, making it even better and easier. Research shows that students use mobile devices far more frequently, and the ability to install them as apps or use them on a website is something that both students and faculty at Uconn will welcome.

How to login Huskyct


  • First, launch your web browser on your mobile device or desktop.
  • Type in the browser
  • Tap OK if you agree to the Blackboard Terms of Service.
  • Now click Sign In. If you’re a guest, you’ll need to go to guest login and continue from there.
  • Enter the NetID and password of your Uconn HuskyCT.
  • Then click Sign In to access your dashboard.

Get the NetID and password of Uconn HuskyCT

You need a NetID and password to access Husky CT. UConn’s single sign-on system can be used to access multiple computers and network services used at the University of Connecticut (UConn).

The services you have access to include my HuskyCT, Exchange (teacher/staff email and calendar), student management, VPN, and more. 

One of the advantages of using the same username and password for multiple services is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating an account for each service.

Now that you know how important it is for you to get the NetID and password, this brings us to the next phase which is: How do you get the NetID?

To get the NetID of your Uconn my HuskyCT, simply click in your web browser. Click Find NetID and enter the information. The information required is first name, last name and date of birth. Click Find your NetID.

How to activate NetID

  • To start using the various services approved by the University of Connecticut (UConn), simply visit
  • On the NetID Activation tab, tap Activate.
  • Enter your NetID to activate your NetID. If you have a social security number and date of birth in the school system, you can also tap “Use social security number and date of birth”.
  • Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth.
  • Now you will be redirected to a page where you need to set your password to use on huskyct uconn edu.
  • Now go to NetID Tools and click on Secondary Email and Mobile Phone. Provide an alternative phone number and email address, which is helpful if you forget your password and want to reset it or retrieve it.

If you received an activation code because your Social Security Number (SSN) was lost, you must press “ACTIVATE USING ACTIVATION CODE”. Then enter your activation code and date of birth, which will take you to the Set NetID Password page. Go ahead and create your password,

How to change NetID password

You can also change or reset your Uconn Husky CT password if you forget it or just need to change it. Below is the guide:

  • Visit in your web browser.
  • Click Reset Password.
  • Enter your uconn blackboard login HuskyCT NetID and your date of birth.
  • If you have set up an alternative way to contact us as suggested, you can choose by email or SMS by phone. Otherwise, reset process by providing answers to security questions
  • Set your NetID password by entering a new password.

If you are unable to create a security question and answer, you must contact support for assistance. Call the Help Center telephone number (860-486-4357).

HuskyCT Mobile App – Option for Blackboard mobile app

Apps are always the best choice compared to using websites. It offers a convenient way to access services in addition to the ease of navigation that users enjoy. Uconn health center blackboard also has a mobile option for teachers and students. It can also be said that teachers, staff, and anyone whose job description requires it can access the whiteboard.

Blackboard, formerly known as Bb Student, is a mobile application used by Uconn. Therefore, as a real student of the school, it is recommended that you download the mobile application on your smartphone. UConn health center blackboard students can download the app for free and it is available for Android and iOS devices.

Some of the benefits of the Blackboard app for HuskyCT

Students can view, complete, and submit tests and assignments given by their teachers.

  • The whiteboard surface is smart and looks modern.
  • Access to Activity Flow.
  • Answer quiz questions right from the app.
  • Access and participate in class discussions.
  • See your ranking in real time.
  • Seamless integration with Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Enjoy regular updates to access advanced features.

Download the Blackboard app for HuskyCT

The my uconn blackboard login app is available on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store. From the App Store, this means if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Blackboard app for HuskyCT’ for free and install it on your device.

How to Download the Official University of Connecticut App? Just open the App Store and search for huskyct uconn edu. Click Install to download the installation automatically to your phone. Meanwhile, below are the download links for Android and iOS:

  • Google Play Store: Download uconn health center blackboard – Whiteboard App for HuskyCT’ for your Android.
  • App Store: Download myUConn – Blackboard App for HuskyCT for your iPhone and iPad.

MyUConn Features 

  • Access to the schedule and events of upcoming arts events around the UConn campus.
  • View the lessons you will be attending and the instructor’s contact information.
  • Enjoy updates and gossip happening around the school campus.
  • Launch and use the Blackboard Mobile Learn app, if installed on your phone, via huskyct uconn edu.
  • The bus tracking feature ensures you can see when the next bus is available.
  • Find contact information for staff, faculty, students, and more.
  • Access to a flea market where you can buy and sell items you no longer need or want to throw away.
  • Manage myHuskyCT One Card account including view and add your points.
  • Access the uconn health center blackboard library, chat with the librarian, request books, and search for opening hours.


How to login huskyCT from any mobile devices?

Husky CT can be accessed via the Blackboard app, which is currently part of the myUConn app. Students can also access Uconn huskyCT’ by downloading and installing the myUConn app.

The link to install the app already exists. Just follow our guide to launching the app on your device.

When will my course be available at Huskyct?

Course availability depends on various factors. In most cases, courses should be available by the date of the first class conference. However, if it is not available after the first class reunion date, you will need to contact your teacher or course leader.

Medical students should contact the Home office of the faculty of medicine, dental students should also contact the office of study of the faculty of dentistry.

Can I change my NetID?

No, you cannot change your NetID once you receive your ID. The NetID is designed to be a unique identifier for everyone with access, so you won’t see multiple users with the same Huskyct NetID.

It is recommended that you do not share your NetID with others unless your primary purpose is to provide technical support to you.

How long has my NetID been active?

So far you have been accepted into the University of Connecticut (UConn) and have activated NetID, will be active forever. However, when you leave school, the number of services you can access is limited.

NetIDs faculty and staff are active at uconn blackboard login between 30 and 365 days depending on their assignment. For honorary lecturers, their NetIDS will remain active indefinitely.


This is the best link for Uconn Blackboard Login. And we hope you are still successfully logged in to Uconn Blackboard Login.