Best Collections Cloud Management Software

Collections cloud management software optimises cash flow and reduces DSO with proactive collections management software. Collection cloud ie regarded as the best solution in cloud res because it helps to reduce past due to accounts receivables by 80 per cent, improve the productivity by 40 per cent, optimise account prioritisation and dunning, and notify timely reminders to all the customers.

Collection cloud provides a complete solution of tools to optimise and automate the credit and collection management process.

Not only this, collection cloud-enable better prioritisation of collection activities. Collection cloud provides a platform of electronically placing accounts for the collection of electronically placing accounts for collection with some well-known agencies though Collection Agency Data Exchange (CADE).

This help to integrate all three platform together- D&G Global solution, Receivable Management and AG adjustments. Collection cloud uses the process of rules and strategies automated using advance AI-powered customer level and dynamic parameter to perform the results.

Input- Open A/R BBC, invoices, disputes, and claimed data through the sources extracted from ERP. Output- Real-time prioritised work list and collection workspace which provide a single platform for all the pieces of information.

Key features collections management:

1. Collection Agency Data Exchange
2. Collector Dashboard- prioritised collection work-list
3. Automate Dunning and performance
4. Dispute management
5. Notes, Call logs and payment checking
6. Payment Forecasting