Best EIPP Cloud Software

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment / EIPP cloud software is widely used by a business organisation to provide self-service customer portal to attract customers and suppliers on a single network in order to remove complexities in managing credit-to-cash for a large customer base. EIPP software supports multiple invoices and various modes of transmission such as fax, email, print etc.

A rich search capability helps an organisation to enable efficient storage and retrieve past invoices. Thus, this provides faster invoicing, better payment collection, better customer service and maintain cash flow.

EIPP cloud software key benefit:

  • Self-service customer portal to provide a single point of accessing full invoicing history
  • Automated invoice communication to support multiple media, including email and fax
  • Ability to capture supporting proof-of-delivery, bill-of-lading, and other shipping documents at the time of making invoice payments
  • Support for credit card and electronic payments via integration with multiple processors
  • Ability to automatically produce remittance data for quick receivable reconciliation
  • Seamless integration with eipp software and accounting systems to enable accurate and timely invoice presentment