Best Descriptive Analytics Software

Best descriptive analytics software describes what has happened in the past. The past refers to any point of time that an event has occurred. Descriptive analytics is very useful because they allow the organisation to learn from their mistake and understand how they change future outcomes.

Descriptive statistics are important to show the result like stock inventory, average cost spends per customer, average time spend by an individual on a particular website, change is sale year by year.

Descriptive analytics is the statistical method that is used to search and conclude historical data in order to find a useful pattern from the data. Descriptive analytics uses data aggregation and data mining to discover historical data.

Descriptive analytics can provide lots of information on the learning capability of the Learning Management System (LMS). This includes learner engagement and learner performance.

Performance provides the information that comes from data taken from the assessment. One should keep in mind that descriptive analytics are not used to make predictions or inference about learners future performance.