Best Receivables Analytics

Receivable analytics is an advanced technology that provides excellent reports and deep visualisation by collecting and analysing data across credit and A/R data sources from company employees such as analysts and managers to achieve the reports and latest updates on the order-to-cash process.

The business has the capability to capture and visualise by making corrective actions, making proactive decisions and modifying A/R results. Replacing traditional activities with out-of-box, real-time reporting and analytics save lots of time and provide advanced technology that has a power to optimise accounts receivable management process and improve the performances.

Account receivable analytics is the first step in the A/R process. The next step is to provide relevant and sufficient data to the managers and data analysts of an organisation for actionable insights so that credit risks can be reduced. cash flow can be improved and operational productivity can be monitored easily.

Receivable Analytics provides real-time data and insight for the order-to-cash processes of invoicing, cash application, operation, collection, credit, collection and deductions through the user-friendly analytics tools. Key features: Account receivable helps to integrate data availability. It provides out-of-box reports repository.

It drills down capability in order to gain knowledge of important key metrics and review trends across the entire organisation. It helps the organisation to access control. It provides intuitive data visualisation.