Digital Assistant

Digital assistant is the bots designed using computer programs to assist the user by answering questions and performing basics tasks. Digital assistants are found in many devices since more and more companies are relying on them. Digital assistants are becoming popular because of their enhanced capabilities and tasks they can perform. digital assistant is designed to become initiative based on the information and data you provide to them.

This means that the digital assistant can predict the situation and act accordingly you would like to do. They will record the instruction given by you. Your data and information then get stored to the remote servers. However, this is unclear whether that data is then shared to third parties for any other purpose.

Also, if you are not uncomfortable the way they store your information, you can delete them from your device. The idea of digital assistant operating solely through your voice might see something like in any movie but some small scale digital assistants have been around for more than a decade. Few of them are Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Alexa etc