What is meant by Digital Assistant?

What is meant by Digital Assistant?

Digital assistant stimulates the advanced computer program over the internet. It uses artificial intelligence with natural language processing and understanding to provide a personalized conversation. It makes the experience easy by tracking all the historical information like ownership, cost, location, and so on. It analyzes the data and identifies the pattern of behavior by refining it to answer the complex questions accordingly. It also gives recommendations and predictions to provide you with enough information. Digital assistants are a more advanced form of Chabots that access to multiple sources to answer your queries or follow your request. So in this article, we will know in detail the uses, benefits, and coming advancements of Digital Assistant.

How Does a Digital Assistant Work?

All digital assistants doesn?t possess the same ability, but they have many things in common. They pull out the data from multiple sources and process the said or typed question with the help of advance natural language. The sentences are framed into numerous various parts, and the accurate answer is obtained. The advanced digital assistants can learn your language and predict the behavior by analyzing the record and recommendations made by you. The enhancement of machine learning makes it easy to converse with you while providing a personalized experience based on your needs.

What Can a Digital Assistant Do?

There are some trending digital assistants like Siri and Cortana from Apple and Microsoft company who have become a part of?daily life for many people. From asking questions for avoiding the congested traffic to checking up your hotel bookings, it does all for you. It can even turn down the heat of your homes by predicting the weather forecast. It has set up a convenient contact with customers or workers by helping them in the training process or managing incoming communications. The services provided by the digital assistant depends on the quality, capability, and technology used. The advanced ones are more capable of performing business functions like giving business suggestions or reminding the employees?to submit the reports.

This advanced application not only makes your life comfortable but also saves your business money and time. You no need to access multiple websites to find the right answers with the manual process. Companies nowadays are also combining CRM with a market automation tool to upgrade customer experience. It connects customers and employees without needing a live representative and develops natural conversation in messaging apps. They provide a fast response to the questions and also gather real-time insights that the company can use to know more about their customers.

Rapidly approaching future

The most striking thing about using digital assistant is one doesn’t need to download or install any specific application. They are instantly available on the messaging app, including social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. With the continuous advancement in AI, the future of digital assistants will be even smarter by providing more smoother conversations and answering more complex questions. The news of digital assistant being combined with upcoming 5G technology will incorporate high speed and more advanced high tech features.

People would be more interactive no matter wherever they go, and can be more creative, innovative by providing strategic ideas in less time. It will help to handle out complex activities and tasks by just carrying it into our pockets. Though many employees have also fear of reduced employment due to this technological advancement, which will require less human work in a company. Also, there needs to lot of modification and accuracy to be fully competent over it as there still exist some chances of mistakes, which can make the company bear huge losses.

Zero-Effort Access

These smart speakers can even write down the text of your WhatsApp messages with the help of voice-activated software. Although it would be listening but not recording your conversations. These also come with a mute button, which can be generally found at the back of your device. Digital assistant came into a big frame after the launch of Siri in Apple’s I phone during 2011. Since then, people are using it to play their favorite music or call their friends with the help of voice-activated technology. You also need to be specific with the commands and make sure to phrase it correctly.

It needs to be connected with the internet to conduct the required web searches. It may sometimes happen that they couldn’t get your command, hear your voice correctly, or find the answer, so you need to try again by rephrasing your words louder than before.

Don’t confuse chatbots with Digital assistants.

Yes, many people find chatbots and digital assistant similar due to its similar work function but here are some key points which differentiate both from each other. The role of both technologies is different and is programmed to perform specific? tasks. Chatbots are a text-based program to reply to? a limited set of questions. If questions asked are out of the learned sets, the chatbots won’t be able to answer them. It doesn’t have a high language processing skill, which means it can?t respond to change in languages. It undergoes a lot of layers to come up with the best response. It can be easily made with JavaScript and python.


The recent reports show the confirmation of abut 500 million activated Apple users, to which 165 are Americans who own a smart speaker controlled by digital assistants. In the coming years, it is expected to explode in many other countries by being worth buy products. Currently, the dominant population in this word is smartphone users using digital assistants on their phones. This trend has been enjoyed and appreciated by the people and is eliminating the features of writing down the text while sending messages or doing a google. So if you were still unaware of the benefits and uses of chatbots, then its high time to make it a part of life and enjoy unlimited advantages of it.