Best Enterprise Archiving Software Solution

As the volume of data flowing through enterprise servers continues to grow exponentially, enterprise archiving becomes more expensive and complicated to manage.

Enterprise archiving offers secure, resilient and robust support and search tools that allow users to manage mailboxes, e-discovery and advance litigation support that let users find archive data with organisation lending speed. Enterprise archive helps to reduce improve retention management and minimise IT resources.

Enterprise archive makes email easily accessible, allowing the employee to easily and quickly access any email or administrator to support a larger project case. An employee can search for email sent or received or even restore deleted emails just in few seconds.

Centralised management features allow the administrator to manage retention policies from a single or multiple administrator console, setting flexible or published retention folder level.

Enterprise archiving also provides

  • Access to archived email on any device, anywhere and any time.
  • Complete access logging that includes message seen and stored information.
  • Detailed information for compliance, e-discovery and litigation.
  • Store large volume of email for easy analysing and optimising of data.