What is an enterprise information archiving

Since data volumes won’t stop growing, the regulatory compliances across the globe are getting more complex. However, the enterprise information archiving solutions allow you to manage a significant amount of information effectively and achieve the goals you are looking for with your enterprise data.

The enterprise information archiving refers to store an enterprise’s structured or unstructured data.

Enterprise information archiving provides access to some of the best and newest methods for the purpose of storing business data. However, this time it stored both the structured and unstructured data rather than just focusing on storing the structured data like most of the other technologies we talked about previously.

A lot of software are developed for the same purpose where they incorporate the unstructured data. This data may include media files, email texts and attachments.

By incorporating this unstructured data, the enterprise information archiving software provides an abundant amount of dedicated archives of business data that are present across the board.

The same data could easily be stored on different premises along with local or cloud servers. Or, it could just be stored on an incorporated hybrid solution of the two.

What is enterprise information archiving?

The enterprise information archiving revolves around the problem of storing different data types – be it structured or unstructured data.

Usually, structured data within an abundant number of enterprises is stored in defined tables for ease of access. However, with the enterprise information archiving, companies have a new method devised for them that helps them store their unstructured data that may contain corporate data in the form of visual or even text elements.

A common example of such data is PowerPoint files or Word Documents.

As all these data sources are less structured, they also require a proper method of archiving and storage.

Enterprises on a large basis have been devising solutions or using tools to accommodate the archiving of such data. However, with the enterprise information archiving solutions, it has become much easier.

Data Storing solutions are the best when used for any kind of business by employees as all the dedicated departments of an enterprise need to archive their data.

The enterprise information archiving solutions are generally maintained or integrated by a data team belonging to the company. But, they could also be used by any company of any size.

A common feature of information archiving is that while it is similar to a backup software solution, it could still handle the original data as compared to just a copy of the data.

Best enterprise information archiving solutions

Since enterprise information archiving solutions seem hard to find as most of them don’t deliver as promised, here are some of the best enterprise information archiving tools.

Google Vault – Google Vault is an amazing solution that’s designed to allow the users to retain, search, and explore the data towards the archiving needs of their organization.

PageFreezer – Pagefreezer is another great solution that simplifies the compliances by archiving the websites automatically. This archiving also includes social media accounts, mobile text messages, and other such data in a cloud-based dashboard.

Barracuda – Barracuda solutions’ cloud-based services make emails for businesses safe with very advanced threat protection. Since emails are prone to channel harmful data into organizations, this solution makes them safe and protects the data singlehandedly.

Databasix – Another cloud-based record management solution, the Databasix is a great alternative for data management and record the same into a centralized system. This means that any device that is allowed access to view the data is eligible to do it.

StorageTek – A solution from Oracle, StorageTek offers some of the best services for archiving the data and combine all the important components from Oracle and participate third parties for the sake of solving the industry-specific or other general IT issues.


This was all about enterprise information archiving.

However, before we finish, you need to realize that with the abundance of such solutions out there, finding the right one that suits your enterprise becomes a challenge.

That’s why you can look for solutions that complemenet all the criteria that you have within your enterprise and see if that archiving solution is the right option for you. If not, try to settle for a different one.