What is EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment)?

With the businesses ensuring their presence online and fully deploying technology in their favor, it only makes sense that we see a bunch of new business methods and automation involved. read below more about EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment)?

As the growth in the number of internet users is steadily increasing, consumers have far better control over what business or organization they want to find about.

This had made the user experience one of the most dominating factors for a business to function smoothly. And since user experience is what a business primarily focuses on, business and all kinds of organizations are looking for automated and personalized solutions to make them stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Such technological adaptation has become a common trend for the IT departments and related branches. And to assist the same, the Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) solutions have been given a shot to be adopted in businesses.

An explanation of EIPP

Being a web based technology, EIPP has assisted businesses for a considerable amount of time now.

The EIPP solutions are distributed among self-service portals, electronic invoices, streamlining and automating the business transactions, and a lot more.

EIPP has a bunch of benefits and not only does it stimulate the levels of cash flow in business but could have a significant impact on the customer experience.

Businesses now could have good vendor-customer relationships that also allow them to provide faster access to the information they need.

An important choice on EIPP?

EIPP solutions could be found in abundance. However, what you need to figure out is if your business needs such solutions at all or not.

If you are considering adopting the EIPP in your business, you also need to realize that this will lead to a change in your business functioning, such a change that the customers have to live with anyhow.

Taking the time to understand how it will affect the expectations and results of the customers will help you successfully implement such a solution in your business.

Does your business need EIPP?

A bunch of business solutions are designed and developed regularly. However, not all of them could fit the criteria for a business to adapt them.

However, EIPP is something totally different.

The EIPP is an effective solution to increase the productivity of a business. It has a great impact on the overall functioning of a business and allows the business owner to spend more time on developing healthy relationships with his customers.

Corporations usually could have specific departments designated just to carry out the invoicing and related activities. However, the EIPP systems allowed them to reduce costs by focusing the personnel on sales since invoicing and receivables are automated because of the EIPP.

The regular access of the accounting software to smaller businesses allowed the provision of EIPP solutions that became available and affordable as well with time. EIPP could now run hand in hand with the desktop accounting systems and provide remote access to the business owner.

EIPP allows the business owners to totally automate their invoicing process. And the best part is that this very process could be integrated with their own accounting software or could even be used with the cloud software.

And if these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to try EIPP solutions, here are a few more benefits of EIPP:

  • The payee is able to change the online fields based influenced by customer changes.
  • The recurring charges could also be automated.
  • Invoicing could also include a bunch of payment options.


Adapting an exclusive EIPP system in any kind of business for the sake of addressing and solving customer preferences and desires has proven to have a good impact on the interactions of a business.

There are a bunch of options for adapting the EIPP solutions. These options could vary right from purchasing the required software to learn how to interact with your current system.

Just like every other step you take in your business, take the time to analyze the business operations and determine how these features could influence your business and how many options could you integrate into your business overall.