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There is no doubt that technology changes rapidly. And people from all walks of life are attached to it. There are many Indian tech bloggers or their influencers out there who have (ABCAdda) experience in their field and admire it all over the country.

Technology has changed our lives like never before. This niche attracts people in different regions and population groups. Now I am listing my best tech blogs that I am updating daily.

The abcadda.com is another leading blog on the internet that brings tech stuff to internet users every day. It mainly covers manuals and topics related to business, culture and technology. In this website you can see a useful article on an upcoming IT. It is highly recommended that you read and visit this website for next generation IT. Interestingly, it receives million visits per month. It acts as an advertisement website for many softwares, and also provides many backlinks to the other company websites.

ABCAdda (Analytics, Big Data, Cloud) is an e-magazine which hosts various articles predominantly relating to IT and finance. This website hosts a vast array of topics such as Automation of Accounts Receivable System, data masking, role of Artificial Intelligence in financial platforms, usage of data analytics by companies in business forecasting, data management, database archiving, electronic invoice presentment, anlytics, big data, cloud and payment and many more..

All these topics are intriguing and easily catch the attention of a reader. They not only showcase the current technological advancements in the field of IT and finance, but also shed light on how things will be with application of even more sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The technologies mentioned in this e-magazine are methodical in nature while some are suggestive. For example, ever saw the Hollywood flick Moneyball, where a general manager of a cash-crunch baseball club, which cannot afford big bucks to buy successful players for their club, makes use of metrics (Sabermetrics) to identify players who are efficient but yet unpopular and recruit them to play for the baseball club he represents. His way of analytical thinking changed the whole way the game was played since.

So, yes, all that information we have in store for you in our website is going to help not just businesses but also individuals in dealing with their everyday activities in a fruitful manner. So, why wait? Access our website and you might find something that is going to benefit you.