Choose Informatica Data Masking Solution

Choose Informatica Data Masking Solution

Today’s organizations are built on data that’s stronger than ever. Nothing remains intuitive anymore, because every decision must be motivated by a precise analysis. However, most businesses today consist of various departments data masking tools, divisions and sub-companies that are usually widely dispersed. Organizations go to great lengths to protect Informatica Data Masking Solution in a production environment, but often non-production environments such as development, testing or training are neglected.

However, the test development environment is a potentially attractive target for malicious users, especially if the data is being sent to an outside or offshore outsourcing provider.

The PowerCenter Informatica Data masking option uses a randomization algorithm that converts production data into realistic looking anonymous data that has nothing to do with reality. In short, PowerCenter Informatica’s data masking option ensures that some of the data that comes out of the company cannot be properly understood.

What strangers see is fake data that may resemble what they claim. While it is estimated that the development of a complete data protection system may take up to six months, seamless integration of data hiding with the informatica platform can significantly reduce this time. In addition, rushing does not cause inaccuracies as time can be shortened due to prefabricated components.

Let us see this article to understand more about Data masking informatica.

What is Informatica Data Masking?

As the name suggests, the motive of data masking is to mask sensitive production data and turn it into realistic test data for non-production environments. By using Informatica, data relationships in masked data are preserved along with reference integrity at the table level.

Data masking is one of the newest features of Informatica and is a great asset considering the security of sensitive data stored in the data warehouse. Example:

  • Client SSN number
  • Credit card number
  • Phone number etc.

Informatica Data Masking is a scalable high-performance data masking software suite. This product masks or blocks sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized access to production and non-production systems, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches.

They enable your IT organization to comply with data protection guidelines, regulations, and mandates more cost-effectively. Informatica’s data masking product enables application end users, developers, testers, database administrators, production support, trainers, and business analysts to perform their functions without compromising data security.

  • Quickly customize data protection solutions for maximum return on investment
  • Support outsourcing and cloud initiatives while protecting confidential information
  • Improve the quality of development, testing and training
  • Simplify test data management and improve the quality of non-production systems
  • Reduce data storage and maintenance costs
  • Speed up the development / test cycle

Pros of Informatica

  • Reducing the risk of data disruption through an audit trail.
  • Improve the quality of development, testing and training.
  • Easy workstation provision.

Type of Informatica Data Masking

Now let’s learn more about the different types of data masking functions available on Informatica. Before you can learn more about converting data masking, the above requirements must be met.

  • Random Masking
  • Email Address masking
  • IP Address masking
  • SSN Masking
  • Credit Card Masking
  • URL Masking
  • Phone masking
  • Key masking
  • Expression masking
  • Substitution masking
  • Dependent masking

Informatica Data masking Component Properties

From a technical perspective, Informatica Data Masking offers options:

  • Uses a variety of sophisticated algorithms and techniques to cover the main areas of the data being passed on. The techniques used are nondeterministic randomization (which replaces each field with randomly selected data), blur (modifying the original data in a specific area), repeated masking, and substitution, among many others.
  • Supports looping with built-in methods
  • Generates efficient random output while maintaining original data properties like data type, format, length, etc.
  • Provides its own list of names and addresses which can be substituted for the original (e.g. Arnold James could replace John Smith instead and not “AABB CDE”).
  • Contains a set of rules for changing data from special fields (eg tax numbers, rules for generating credit card numbers).
  • Fully supports PowerCenter connectivity, which ensures that data from all types of sources can be hidden
  • Extending the ability to change platforms, which contributes to adequate protection
  • Randomly replace original values with false but realistic looking values
  • Seamlessly integrated into the PowerCenter environment (add-on idea)


Hope you enjoyed this article. This concludes a detailed description of the Informatica Data masking transformation.