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MangaForFree / mangaforfree com Here is a handpicked list of the best online manga reading sites with popular features and website links.

So you want to start reading manga? We are here to help. Here we detail the basics you need to know before diving into the sprawling fantasy world of Japanese graphic novels, aka manga.

What is mangaforfree | manfaforfree?

Manga refers to Japanese comics with unique plots, deep stories, and characters. Manga covers a wide range of genres: action-adventure, business and commercial, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, suspense and more.

The manga is published in series, and each series is 20 to 40 pages long. Unlike American comics aimed at young people, in Japan manga is popular with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Although the manga originated in Japan, it is popular all over the world. People love manga regardless of nationality, age, and gender. More and more people are choosing to read manga online. Here are 30 free mangaforfree com sites where you can read manga online for free.

How to read mangaforfree | manfaforfreeonline

This website is the best place to read mangaforfree online today. But it’s worth thinking about how you want to consume your favorite books. Manga is usually black and white, so you don’t need a color screen to get the most out of the art form. This makes the Kindle an ideal device, but small storage space can be a problem.

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Here are 8 ways for to read mangaforfree | manfaforfree

Comic Walker

ComicWalker is an online streaming platform for many Japanese manga. This site offers various manga comics and Chinese comics for free. Users can easily search and filter their favorite manga comics by genre and latest comics.

Special features:

  • This online manga comic reading site has a sleek layout and a user-friendly design.
  • It is one of the best manga sites that helps you to choose manga by genre, creator and rating.
  • This online manga reading website is also highly appreciated and loved by all the users.
  • Famous titles: Mobile Suit Gundam, Sergeant Frog, Crusaders.
  • Supported Platforms: Web.

CrunchyRolls | magaforfree

Crunchyroll is an anime streaming website that also compiles manga separately. This free manga website is designed to enhance the viewing and reading experience to take things to the next level for users.

Special features | magaforfree:

  • Crunchyroll is integrated with a fast and clean user interface.
  • You will get the latest updates and information about events, news and more from this online comics website.
  • Famous titles: Attack on Titan, Fairy Tale, The Seven Deadly Sins, etc.
  • Supported platforms: Web, Android, iOS.


Manga Plus offers free online manga from the latest weekly Shonen Jump, along with magazines published in Japan. They have been translated into English and Spanish. Plus, you can read popular ending series in the latest mangaforfree com, including Naruto, Dragon Ball, and more.

Special features:

  • You can see the latest updates on your favorite and hottest manga comics.
  • It allows you to watch cartoons lying and standing.
  • You can add any comic to your favorite list.
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Android.
  • Famous tracks: Children of Animals, Black Clover, Leach, Blue Box and many more.


That is a mamgaforfree platform that publishes various must-read manga. It is recommended to visit this online manga website to get the latest manga comic news and updates.

Special features:

  • It offers different genres to choose from including action, adventure, mystery, romance and over a thousand volumes of manga for every fan.
  • VIZ Media is an online site where you can read manga comic content for free.
  • Supported platforms: Android and iOS.
  • Famous titles: Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, Case Closed, One Piece, Studio Ghibli Comics and many more.


BATO is a free online manga book website. You can also find manga groups and forums on this site. It is one of the best manga sites that offers users good chat support.

Special features:

  • It offers a dedicated section for new versions as well as a popular updates section.
  • This is one of the best mamgaforfree com sites that will help you apply advanced filters to narrow your search.
  • This free manga website allows users to customize the colors and themes of this website.
  • Supported platforms: Web, Android and iOS.

Manganese mangaforfrre

Manganese is a popular mangaforfree online reading site. This online comics website offers a large collection of manga of all genres and genres, as well as English dubbed titles. This site is safe and easy to use for everyone.

Special features:

  • It is a well-organized online comic book store with regular updates.
  • It offers many filters and search options to sort the manga you want to read.
  • This is a very visually appealing site with many entry points.
  • Supported Platforms: Web
  • Link:

Webtoon manga forfree

Webtoons is a comic book website that helps you find your favorite manga by original, genre, popular, screen, etc. On this manga website, you can also find animated films by tags, chapters and genres.

Special features:

  • You can find manga by tag, genre and author.
  • It offers everything a writer needs to publish a manga.
  • This is one of the best mangaforfree com sites for submitting your own stories for content publishing.
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Android.
  • Link:

Manga Kakalot mangafirfree

MangaKakalot is one of the best manga sites to read mangaforfree online. You can browse thousands of new releases, latest and hottest manga added to the manga library every day. This free manga website is full of the funniest manga comics which are updated regularly.

Special features:

  • It will help you discover thousands of manga comics in various genres.
  • Various new releases, latest and hottest manga are added to this platform every day.
  • It lets you read manga online for free anytime and anywhere via your mobile device.
  • Supported Platforms: Web

A lack of cash shouldn’t stop you from reading mangafor com, so try some of the free manga sites listed above to find your favorite.


There’s no doubt that picking up popular manga is no fun; You definitely know what happened before the show. Plus, you’ll learn about some of the most interesting manga that were abandoned due to lack of funding for the anime series.

Try not to spoil the fun of anime lovers by giving them spoilers and reading the mangafor as a new story. In fact, the current market is related to anime series; However, manga is an art that every anime lover should respect and read.