How to login into the MyPepsiCo employee portal

How much do you know about Mypepsico? PepsiCo is an American multinational company that has an employment portal for its employees called www Mypepsico com. Every employee of PepsiCo should register and sign in with the company portal to get access as a PepsiCo employee.

Overview of MyPepsiCo

It is the second-largest company in the world in the food and beverage industry. This company serves more than 200 countries having more than 22 brand products like Pepsi, Tropicana, Frito-lay, Quaker, Oat, etc. All over the world, 274,000 employees will work with PepsiCo.

It is very hard for the company to manage a huge piece of employee information. So the company decided to introduce an online portal I.e., So the employees can easily manage their accounts with this portal company. Let us discuss the details regarding the PepsiCo employee login, employee benefits, and the steps to sign in to the site

PepsiCo is a leading multinational company introduced in the year 1965 and having the food, snack, and beverage industry. It is an American company. Its headquarters are at Harrison, Newyork, and were merged with the Pepsi-cola company and Frito- lay, Inc.

After years, it was expanded and now it is in the top position. It serves worldwide and its products are Pepsi, Tropicana, Frito- Lay, Quaker oat, and Gatorade.

Name of the companyPepsiCo
PepsiCo industryBeverages & food processing
PepsiCo founded onAugust 28, 1898, In New Bern, North Carolina, United States
PepsiCo founderCaleb Bradham
PepsiCo HeadquartersHarrison, Newyork, United States
PepsiCo productsPepsi, lays potato chips, Gatorade, Mountain dew, Diet Pepsi, Tropicana beverages, 7 Up, Mountain dew, Doritos tortilla chips, Mist twist, Fritos corn chips, Walkers potato crisps, and many more. It has twenty-two brands.

It is an online employee portal for the employees who were working in the PepsiCo company. Here they can easily maintain their record and profile from this PepsiCo Employee Login portal. With this portal, you can view the employee benefits, pay statements, employee services, and manage account details.

To use all these features you need to register with PepsiCo global personnel ID with the company. After registration, you can log in to the portal to access your account. Now let’s have a look at how to register and log in.

Requirements to access PepsiCo company

Like every employment portal, the company also needs basic requirements to access the portal. You can check the details:

  • A smart device like Pc, Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop
  • A good internet connection
  • PepsiCo GPID is issued by the HR officer at the time of joining PepsiCo.

Registration process

If you are a new employee of the company, you need to complete the registration process to access the employment portal. It is a very simple process that takes a few minutes to complete.

Before starting the registration process you need to be ready with the basic requirements like GPID. Now follow the step-wise procedure to complete the registration process efficiently.

  • First, you need to access the company’s official website by opening your web browser and typing in the address bar to visit the official employment portal of PepsiCo.
  • Then you will redirect to a new page. Then you can see the PepsiCo login field in the middle of the page and you can see the PepsiCo products like Pepsi, lays, Quaker and Tropicana.
  • Select languages: it is available in different languages such as French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, etc. As it is an international company, it has various languages. You can select one of the preferred languages from the list. The basic language will be English.
  • Term of use and privacy statement: Before starting the registration process you should read all the terms and conditions of the company. If you want to continue the process you can click on accept terms and conditions.
  • The first-time user: can see login help, forget your password, and the first-time user under the login button. Now select the first-time user.
    Now you will redirect to the company registration page.
  • As you are a new user and if you want to continue the registration process. You need to enter your PepsiCo Global personnel ID number in the required field.
  • You need to fill in other required information such as date of birth and SSN.
  • Create a password: Now is the time to create a new password for your account. You can change this password at any time. Make sure that your password is strong.
  • Scurity questions: The last step is to answer all the security questions. You need to remember all these questions and answers that will help you to reset or recover your account and password.
  • With this, your registration process for the PepsiCo employee login is completed.

login procedure

For my PepsiCo login, you need to complete the registration process first. Follow the above steps and complete the registration process. If you are already registered, then follow the below steps for MyPepsi co login:

  • The very first thing is to check the internet connectivity source for your device.
  • Next thing is to open the web browser on your device and go to the official employment portal website at or
  • Now you will redirect to the login page, then enter your user id and password for login.
  • Now Enter your user id, password and click the login button.
  • If you are not comfortable with English, You can change to languages like Spanish, Chinese, French, etc.
  • Once you are logged in, you can access the portal and use all the company benefits.

How to reset the Employee forget the password

If you lose your company account password. There is no need to worry because you can recover your password easily. To reset my IDM password and follow the guidelines below.

  • Visit the PepsiCo login site. You can see the forgotten password link below the login button.
  • Click on the forget password button to reset your password. Then enter your PepsiCo GPID to identify your account.
  • Enter your email address in the required field and click on it to set your password.
  • You will receive a confirmation link to the registered email id so that you can reset the password.
  • Click on the confirmation link and enter all the details required and enter the new password. Once recheck the details and confirm them and click on the submit button.
  • Now you can sign in to your account with your new password.

If you face any problem with login or forget your password talk with the help desk number 1-888-737-7426.

PepsiCo pay benefits

It is a leading company in the food and beverage industry. It cares for its employees and offers huge benefits. Many employees will be attracted to work at PepsiCo for their benefit.

The employees will get many benefits and rewards more than their actual salaries. Here we have a list of benefits provided by the PepsiCo company.

1. Health and insurance program:

The company thinks that healthy workers will always work well. So the company always cares about the employee’s health. Employees can choose the health coverage and insurance plans with the health insurance program provided by the PepsiCo company. The plans are Dental and vision, medical, disability insurance, and life insurance.

2. Wellness program:

The employees working in the PepsiCo company can build their financial status by applying for a healthy money program in the wellness program. This includes healthy living and maintaining physical health.

You can also apply for the healthy money program. In this way, you can build your financial plan. So this is the easiest way to save your future financially.

3. Retirement plan:

In this plan, you can join the company 401k plan and contribute some amount of money every month to make your life secure after retirement.

4. Development program:

The company also provides training programs for the employees to improve their skills. No matter about the position and job titles of the employees but the company always encourages the workers to learn and do what they can do. PepsiCo employees can participate in this program for self-improvement.

Work and life benefits:

It provides work and life benefits to the employees. With this program, the company offers benefits like the

  • Employee Assistance program
  • Home insurance program
  • Education assistance
  • Service awards
  • Employee discount
  • Car discount program

To get all these benefits from the company you should be a register at the company account. You need to provide your details like your name and email at the time of registration.


This is our article that gives complete information about PepsiCo, the employment portal for PepsiCo company employees. You can get a clear idea to register, log in, and reset the password. For more updates and informative articles follow us on