How to Split Screen on iPhone

how to split screen on iphone

How to split screen on iPhone for multitasking

Do you know how to split the screen on an iPhone? There are several reasons to know how to make use of this feature due to its huge advantages. This feature allows you to simultaneously look at 2 windows or apps on your iPhone at same time. So that you can use it to check more than one document or go on two social apps at a time. Now we will give detailed information about how to split screen on iPhone.

The largest models of iPhone include the 6s plus, 7 plus, 8 plus, Xs max, 11 pro-Max, 12 pro-Max, 13 pro-Max. These models offer the split screen feature in many apps. But all apps will not support this function. If you want to activate the split screen iPhone, you need to rotate your iPhone in the landscape orientation. When you are using an app that supports this feature, it will automatically split the screen of the app’s iPhone.

How to use the split screen on iPhone: 

Here we will know how to do split screens on iPhone. In split screen mode, the screen has two panes. The left pane is for navigation and the right pane will show the content which is selected in the left pane. The two panes are independent, so you can swipe up and down direction on one side without affecting the other.

You can browse the left pane to search for what you want to work with. When you select the left pane, its content will appear in the right pane. For example, in the settings app, if you select a setting in the app’s left pane and you can use it to control in the right pane just as you were using the phone in the single screen mode.

The split screen makes the users navigate easily and quickly jump to different areas by using the left pane.

How to activate split screen mode on iPhone:

The second app: The very first thing to start is to find the second app that you want to see on the screen. You need to open and close it right away as you need to have it appear in the toolbar.

The main app: you need to head on to the main app that you want to share on the screen with the second app. In this case, you prefer those 2 apps not to appear with the same size on the screen, just pick the one app that will accept most of the screen space.

Then from the bottom of the screen, you need to slide up to see the toolbar, this will save your pinned apps and recently viewed windows. That’s why it’s better to open the second app first.

Move the second app:

Here, you need to press and hold the app and pick it up from the toolbar and move it towards the first app screen until a rectangular box appears on the screen. You can move it to which side you want and release it to place it and you will see the second app screen lying next to the first app screen.

If the second app screen is moved to the other window after it is released, then it means that it doesn’t support the feature.

How to split screen on iPhone for multitasking: 

Sometimes split screen mode is not available for all models. iPhone screen splitting is an extremely useful feature and only a few users are aware of it. The answer is relatively simple because there is no official iPhone split screen mode.

Can iPhone split screen

If you want to split the screen on iPhone. If you use higher iPhone models, then the iPhone split screen mode can be easily found in your menu and you can turn it on. But this feature is hidden in the iOS menu.

Can I split screen on iPhone: of course, you can split screen on iPhone. If you want to split the screen on an iPhone, go to settings>display & brightness>display>zoom set>use zoom. After all the settings you made, then your device will be able to switch to split screen mode.

Can you do split screen on iPhone: yes you can split-screen on iPhone on your own. Here is the answer to your question. In the future, if you want to split-screen, all you need to do is hold your device crosswise or horizontally. If you open an app and turn your iPhone to the side, it will automatically switch to iPhone split screen mode.

In this mode, you can see the open app and other information such as mail notifications, time, calendar, incoming messages, reminders, contacts, settings, and other internal information of the iPhone.

How to stop split screen on iPhone: 

Conclusion: Finally, you have learned how to do split-screen on iPhone, how to activate split-screen on iPhone. You will find a Stepwise guide to provide all the necessary information to split the screen on the iPhone for multitasking purposes. If you have any problems you can contact us to resolve your problems. Thank you for reading this article.