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Joinpd Com for Pear Deck joinpd.cpm is basically a code entry platform that allows users to view and participate in Pear Deck presentations by simply entering a code or signing up with an email account.

In this article, I will walk you through the entire process of joining joinpd.cpm from start to finish. As a student, you can use a five-letter join code, an email access code, or a join link to access an ongoing presentation at Joinpdcom.

I’ll see how the complete joinpd.cpm join process works from A to Z in this post. Students can join an existing class in the Joinpd com process in three ways: a five-letter access code, an access code and an email address or access link. Learn more about all of this below. Before we get to our meaty and spicy guide on that, let’s take a look at all of the Pear Deck slides.

What exactly is a joinpd / joinpd.cpm?

Pear Deck is a web-based educational program that helps teachers engage students more effectively and provide formative value, regardless of the class or subject they teach.

Pear Deck, like Kahoot, Quizzzz, and other assessment tools, provides educators with a complex yet easy-to-use educational platform to remotely assess their students’ knowledge, progress and understanding of key ideas in a fun and engaging way.

The pear deck slide is attractive for its simplicity and ease of use. It turns slides created with Microsoft PowerPoint Online or Google Slides into interactive slides with just a few clicks, allowing students to answer questions or tips from the teacher right on their screen.

Imagine being able to turn every Google slide you’ve ever created into an amazing learning experience just by adding a few interactive components to your presentation. Think for a moment. The possibilities are endless.

Pear Deck, along with its sister site joinpdcom, allows teachers to create engaging and active learning environments where students learn through interactive slides, learning presentations, games, quizzes, and more.

These types of tools increase student engagement and create powerful learning moments that are completely student-centered.

What are the advantages of joinpd / joinpd.cpm?

Join.PD or Pear Deck, awarded several times since its development. It offers many features for their teachers and students to enhance their learning experience. Apart from that, this platform offers several other advantages.

  • Teachers and students can create brilliant design slides and engage with the class. Pear Deck uses Google Slides and Slides software to create slides.
  • There is a library of creative templates to support learning objectives.
  • Ability to create custom questions from scratch. You can use essay questions, number of answers, multiple choice, and web slides to engage students.
  • Easily add audio to slides. Instructors can include recordings playing in student view for your live sessions.
  • Using the advanced instructor dashboard, they can see each individual’s performance in learning concepts.

Apart from that, there are many features and benefits of using JoinPD com or Pear Deck. All you have to do is research it and learn how it works. If you’re having trouble logging into your account, follow the steps below.

Create an account on the joinpd / joinpd.cpm Pear Deck account

  • Simplify account to Pear Deck account; In this post, I show you how to join Pear Deck and become a new user.
  • The first step to engaging your students with interactive displays is to create an entirely new Pear Deck account.
  • First, go to the Pear Deck, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online website. Pear Deck website or Google Slides for Presentations, PowerPoint Online and sign in with the Google or Microsoft Office 365 account you want to use.

How to create a JoinPD com / join login below

joinpd com

  • Visit JoinPD official website address “Joinpdcom” or
  • Select “Teacher Login” at the top right of the page navigation.
  • Select the option you want to sign in to. The two options available are Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft.
  • Allow AccessPD or PearDeck to access your Google Drive account. “JoinPD will ask you a few questions and answer them as far as you know. PearDeck has promised not to store your data so you can rely on it. In the meantime, you can read their data policy to satisfy your curiosity.
  • The process of setting up your account will now begin. Select “Teacher” to set up a teacher account in joinpd com join, otherwise select a student to set up a “Student Account ”.
  • As a teacher, select “Authorize” to connect your JoinPD com or PearDeck as you can refer to them and sign in with your Google account.
  • Select your school from the drop-down menu and postal code. However, if you are outside the United States and your school is not on the list, enter your school’s name and postal code or any number (5 digits) to indicate the postal code.
  • Select “Start” to start your presentation. This gives you PearDeck’s 30 day free trial of Premium and unlimited access to Peardeck’s features and tools.

If you’re signed in with a Google account, you’ll need to select “Google Slides” or “Powerpoint Online Presentations” for the Microsoft sign-in option. You will now be prompted to get the JoinPD join extension to create your slides.

How can I participate in the presentation?

When the teacher creates a presentation and then uploads it to joinpd com join, delegates receive an access joinpd code, which the teacher sends to everyone in the group to help them answer questions. On the other hand, the teacher is able to limit and direct student activities.

The most notable feature, which is also the most popular feature of JoinPD join that teachers appreciate, is the ability to prevent students from editing or modifying their submitted answers to track the progress of everyone involved.

How to get registration code from Pearleck?

Follow these steps to join an ongoing session via peardeck/join. To do this, you need a password and a password.

  • Start your browser and go to: go to
  • Enter the “5 digit joinpd code” from your session into join code.
  • Code expires in four days. You can also create an email address to join the presentation after your students click the presentation link.

Login to joinpd Pearleck class login

For more information on the join pd code the Merge Code, please click on the appropriate link below. If you want to join pd com to get a joining join pd code, it’s easy.

  • The JoinPD Google account extension is easy to use in Google Slides. Follow the steps to download and install the join pd dot com addon for Google Slides.

To join Peardeck Students and Teachers:

  • Visit the official Join.PD website. You can access it by going to
  • The login page will then appear in front of you. There you have to enter your password and username.
  • Sign in with your password or email address, then click the Submit button. The login page appears on your account dashboard.

How to use Join.PD without a Google account?

  • Pear Deck has introduced a new feature on its portal.
  • This feature allows attendees to join presentations without a Google account.
  • You must enter the join pd dot com code to participate in the current production. And you can get the join code you need from your instructor.
  • Apart from that, Peak Deck offers several other features. If you’re a teacher, you have access to everything, which means your teacher can decide whether or not you can join the session.

Take your joinpd Peardeck class

  • When you select an instructor-led course, a projector display opens and connection instructions are created automatically.
  • The first step is to go join pd com.
  • Enter the 5-digit join pd code in your join pd com session.
  • Alternatively, you can share or email the link to the session you received when you clicked ‘Give students a link’ (see step one above). Students simply click on it to register for your class. You can also click.
  • Members join code expires in a week; However, the link to the session is always there. Suppose you want to allow students to attend sessions of more than a week. Use this link to join them.
  • Log in as an anonymous user with an avatar of your choice or your email address and password from your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. Depends on your login settings.
  • If you select a student activity and have access to the premium version, a dashboard view is available.
  • Click the join button in the upper right corner of the screen for instructions on how to join at any time.
  • Student speed activity, joinpd code to join the board in red arrows.

How to present the Pear Deck?

When rendering with Pear Deck, connection instructions are automatically displayed in the projector display. To participate in the present, students must follow these instructions:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Office 365 account.
  • Enter the unique five-digit join code displayed on the projector.


Honestly, Pear Deck Slides is a fantastic assessment tool that any teacher can use to turn any presentation slide into an engaging, fun and educational learning experience for students of all ages.

What’s the best part? It is completely free to use. However, you can upgrade to a premium account to access powerful tools to help your child learn more effectively.

This will give you access to the Pear Deck presentation. If you found this join pd dot com guide useful, please tag it or add it to your documentation.