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MyLGhealth or Lancaster Healthcare is a small setting based in Pennsylvania. The company provides a free-to-use Internet portal that can help you manage payments, application requests, new claims, etc. at home. You don’t have to visit the branch at all. Just visit the portal, log in with your credentials, and take advantage of these facilities.

Lancaster Healthcare

MyLGhealthLancaster Pediatric Associates patient portal was founded in 1970 by Dr. Charles Kurtz, Dr. Clark McSparren, and Dr. William Boben. The original office was located at 310 West End Avenue in Lancaster. All three doctors built this practice on a solid foundation of pediatric experience and cooperation with parents-these ideals continue to this day.

From the beginning, Lancaster Healthcare has provided the Lancaster community with its providers by volunteering in many local committees, school PTOs, sports organizations, and advisory groups. In 1988, the training office opened an office in Willow Street to more likely serve the southern finish of the area.

In 1995, the clinic moved from the Western District to the suburban clinic kiosk to better access care and provide space for the clinic to develop. All Lancaster paediatric providers are medical staff of Lancaster General Hospital, with privileges in the Women’s and Infant Hospital.

Many of our doctors donate their time to committees and leadership positions within the Penn Medicine Lancaster Integrated Health System. For more than 50 years, Lancaster Pediatrics portal has provided compassionate pediatric expertise to children and parents.

We are proud to see so many “great patients” and even “great patients” every day, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of helping the Lancaster community cultivate happy and healthy children.

Lancaster Pediatrics Portal

Lancaster Pediatrics portal was founded more than 50 years ago. Despite the dramatic and revolutionary changes in medicine, our philosophy remains the same: we strive to provide the best care for your child. We are committed to pediatrics.

We really like and love children and their parents and guardians. We know that raising children takes a lot of time and energy. If we can help grow into a responsible, caring and independent adult, and make parents and children happier, then we have achieved our goal. For your convenience, we have two offices.

The main office is located in the outpatient pavilion in the suburb of Lancaster Comprehensive Health, and the satellite office is located in the Willow Lake Health Center on Willow Street. Both offices provide preventive health care and disease care.

Evening appointments can be made at the main office from Monday to Friday before 8:00 pm. We ask you to contact us directly before going to the emergency room or emergency care, unless it is a real medical emergency.

Before our office reopens, we can usually advise you on treatment. Just like your medical home, we will provide 24/7 standby service when the office is closed.

What is MyLGHealth?

MyLGHealth is a secure website that allows patients participating in the program to: Access their medical history

  • Communicate with their medical team
  • Request supplementary prescriptions
  • Request medical referrals
  • View test results
  • View past and future appointments
  • Request new appointments
  • or cancel existing appointments

Can I register for MyLGHealth online?

Yes, you can register for MyLGHealth online. You must be at least 18 years old to complete the online registration process for My LG Health. You will be asked to answer security inquiries to affirm your character. These questions are provided by secure third-party services that have direct access to various public information sources.

The content of these questions is public and can be retrieved legally by any requesting party.

These questions are usually related to property ownership or family relationships and are “most important”, which means that the person whose identity is verified should be able to answer correctly based on their memory.

The presentation of the questions and their answers are protected by 128-bit encryption. Click here to register for MyLGHealth online.

If you have any questions during online registration, please call My LG health Customer Service at (717) 544-2860

MyLGHealth portal Login

MyLGHealth portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the week. After logging in, you can manage your account on the My LG Health portal. To log in to your user account, you need to provide a unique combination of user ID and password. url to log in:

Steps to mylghealth login page

  • Start with the official MyLgHealth Login page.
  • Now enter the username and password of MyLGHealth.
  • Press the login button.
  • Online access and management functions, that’s it.

How do I register for MyLGHealth?

Login up for My LGHealth is easy, and the service is free. Adults 18 and older can register online or visit their doctor’s office to obtain their personal access code. Children aged 13-17 can obtain an account through their doctor’s office by filling out a child admission consent form.

Registered users can log in to My LGHealth to request an agent to access the accounts of their children 12 years and younger. Users can request an agent to access another adult’s account, such as a parent or spouse, by filling out an adult agent form through their doctor’s office.

How to Download the MyLGhealth APP for iPhone

Now you can start using the MyChart APP for iPhone, which is a safe way to view test results, messages, appointments and medications on your phone or tablet.

  • Enter the Apple App Store.
  • Search my chart.
  • Click the “Get” button.
  • Click Install.
  • Accept the “End User License Agreement”.
  • Select Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.
  • Click the My LG Health login screen.
  • Log in with your MyChart username and password.

Download the MyChart / MyLGHealth app for Android

You can now start using your Android version of the MyChart app, which is a safe way to view test results, messages, appointments, and medications on your phone or tablet.

  • Enter the Google Play™ application store.
  • Search my chart.
  • Click the install button.
  • Open the MyChart application.
  • Accept the “End User License Agreement”.
  • Select Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.
  • Click the My LG Health login screen.
  • Log in with your MyChart username and password.

What is a Patient portal?

Parents/guardians have access to secure online resources for children’s medical records. The patient portal can be accessed via computers, tablets and smartphones.

How do I register on the patient portal?

Fill out the online patient portal registration form or get one from the PSR at the front desk.

MyLGhealth Lancaster Pediatrics Patient Portal

LOG Patient Portal In February 2018, our practice was converted to Epic EHR. This means that we can allow our patients to easily and privately access their online medical information through the patient portal.

By registering for a Patient Portal account, you can view your personal health records and easily manage your healthcare. In addition to accessing your medical records, our patient portal also allows you to safely send messages to your provider, make appointment requests and replenishment requests, and choose how you want to receive appointment reminders.

  • Our patient portal is located at If you have not registered with My LG Health login, please follow the instructions below to make sure you are registered. How to register:
  • Go to
  • Upon arrival, click “Register now” in the blue box on the right.
  • On the extreme right, click “Register Now” which says “No enactment code?

Enter your identifying information. You will be asked a series of questions to verify that you are the correct person. If you can identify it in the system, you can create a username and password. Else, you should adhere to the directions beneath.

If the system cannot identify you (or you are unwilling to answer the system identification information), you can request an access code by printing the consent form and sending it to LGH.

After receiving the form, the access code will be mailed to you shortly. These equivalent advances can likewise be utilized to ask for

  • Visit
  • Print and fill in the appropriate form
  • Scan/email, fax or send the form to The page at the address specified above.
  • After processing your form, you will receive an access code in the mail.
  • After receiving the access code, go back to, click “register now” in the blue box on the right, and follow the instructions under “register with the activation code of the doctor’s office”. ask.

Why are you asking me these personal questions?

This security check is to protect you to confirm your identity. You need to answer enough questions correctly so that we can accurately verify your identity.

Migrating the Lancaster Pediatrics patient portal to MyLGHealth

On Monday, March 1, Lancaster Pediatric Associates patient portal will launch our new electronic medical records system, EPIC.

Although LPA is proud to be independent, we have established a partnership with Penn Medicine / Lancaster General Health, which will enable our patients to access its powerful and easy-to-use portal MyLGHealth.

This community connection partnership allows parents and patients to directly participate in their care using the program’s website or smartphone app.

Starting Monday, MyLGHealth will become our new patient portal, giving you direct access to your child’s doctor and care team.

If you want to send a message to a provider, request a refill, schedule an appointment, or request a referral, please access these interactive features by creating an account here.

If you already have a MyLGHealth account, you can request that any child 12 years and younger be added to your account by filling out the child representative application form in the “Share” tab of your account.

Patients aged 13-17 need to download and fill out a minor consent form to establish their own access to MyLGHealth, at which time parents will no longer be able to access their children’s records. This requirement is set by the platform and we have no control.


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 717-291-5931, one of our patient visit representatives will be happy to help you!