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Mymcps Classroom

MyMCPS Classroom / parentvue mcps is the perfect web portal for students, parents, and public school workers in Montgomery County. The mymcpsclassroom portal offers a variety of features from learning to community outreach to classroom announcements.

This Mymcps Class Portal provides students and parents with detailed information on Montgomery County public schools.

If you teach students, parents, or mcps at a Montgomery County public school and need to know how to access the MYMCPS online portal, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we have tried to provide a detailed step-by-step entry guide for the MyMCPS Classroom entry process.

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What is Mycps Classroom / parentvue mcps mymcpsclassroom

The Montgomery County Public School invites you to learn more about the academic experience of your students through a new online system.

The myMCPS portal login is a 21st century digital learning environment specifically tailored to the needs of employees, students, and parents of Montgomery County public schools.

The MyMCPS portal login is the next generation of classrooms, from teaching and learning to community outreach and professional development. The myMCPS portal login can be accessed online and via the mobile application.

Parents will receive information on how to activate their account on the mymcps parent portal during the second week of school via US mail or email.

Please take note of this important information. If you haven’t received this letter, please contact your child’s counselor.

Students activate their school portal account with their teacher during the first week of school. Students must use the assigned school name and password.

Please do not change student credentials. Is Google classroom down? Now there is high demand for google classroom.

What information can Mymcps Classroom portal provides

Create a my mcps portal account to view information such as

  • Schedule – View your student schedule and contact the teacher
  • Attendance – View attendance sheet
  • Grades – Review grades from this year and past
  • Resources – Learn about reading and math programs
  • Library Documents – View test scores From Students
  • Messages and Assignments – Teachers can post reminders, news, and important work students need to do. Now you can see it too!

After you have created an account at, you can also view this information using the my MCPS classroom Mobile application on your smartphone.

How do I log in to the MyMCPS Class Portal?

Just follow the steps below to successfully access the MyMCPS portal.

However, before we start my MCPS classroom login process, make sure you have valid credentials. Because you need the correct username and password to log into your MyMCPS account.

If you don’t have an employee account or student my mcps portal. To access all information and functions, you need to create an account in class. Now you can easily register using the my MCPS classroom Portal.

MyMCPS Classroom login Guide

Step 1: To access the MyMCPS Portal, visit the official website from any browser. (This is the link on the official portal: All students and staff can use the same link for the registration process.
MyMCPS Portal

Step 2: After clicking on this official URL, you will be directed to the MyMCPS Class login page. Sections for students and parents will appear on this page. In this section, students and parents can log in to my mcps class account.

Step 3: Now enter your MyMCPS Class credentials. Enter your username and then your password in the next field. After entering the mymcps classroom login information, click the Login button.

  • You can now review homework, homework and tests via the MyMCPS portal.
  • They also have an amazing feature that lets you view messages in class.
  • Now you can easily access class documents and other resources.
  • You can also see the ranking.
  • Check daily student attendance and your student schedule.
  • You can update student emergency information.

MyMCPS Portal logo

Requirements for admission to the MyMCPS class?

To be able to use all the benefits discussed, you must register in the MyMCPS Class. And for the input process, you need the following things.

  • MyMCPS official website for classroom communication (
  • Students and staff need to know their login information (your username and password).
  • A smartphone, computer or laptop with a stable internet connection is essential for a secure login process.

How do I reset my MCPS Class account password?

There are two methods you can use to reset your password. (You can use whatever method is convenient for you to reset your password.)

Let’s take a look at both methods.

Method 1:

  • Step 1: With this method, you will need to re-open the My MCPS Classes portal.
  • Step 2: As soon as you are on the login website, you will find the option “Forgot your password”. Click that option and continue.
  • Step 3: Then enter your username and other credentials to verify your identity.

Method 2:

  • If this option doesn’t work, you will need to contact the school’s support department to reset your password.
  • You need to share your problem and ask for help.

Contact details for Mymcps support

  • You can contact MyMcps staff at the following numbers: 240-740-3000 | Spain Hotline: 240-740-2845.
  • My official Mcps email address:

How do I set up mymcps parent portal account for the first time?

Follow the steps below or watch this screencast

  • Navigate to and click Create Account
  • Click the hyperlink to read the IGT-RA controls
  • Click I agree
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your personal email address. If you don’t have an email address, check out this guide to create one. MCPS employees: Use your personal email address, not your MCPS address
  • Create a 7 digit password.
  • Make sure you have access IDs and passwords to access students near you. This is in a letter sent to your student’s main address.

Enter the name, access ID and password for each student with whom you wish to link your account.

What information can I access through the higher level portals?

More detailed details of the elements available in the mymcps parent portal can be found in the parent portal view.
mymcps parent portal
Mymcps parent portal can use the myMCPS Class Observer account to view their student’s work. Account creation on myMCPS Observer does not occur automatically when a higher level portal account is created. Instead, parents will receive an email when the account is ready.


This is a complete guide to entering the MyMCPS class. We hope you have found this article useful. The MyMCPS Portal login Classroom was specially developed for school children and parents. Make effective use of this excellent web portal by following detailed instructions.

If you have any doubts about attending the MyMCPS Class, please leave a comment. Also visit our website for the latest information. Thank you very much!

MCPS ParentVue login FAQS

What is MCPS ParentVue?

MCPS ParentVue is the parent mcpsmd portal of the MCPS Synergy Student Information System, available in seven languages ​​on web or mobile. It’s a secure way to access attendance, classes, grades, scorecards, online school enrollment, sports registration, Synergy emails, links to the MyMCPSClassroom digital learning platform, and more.

What is the difference between ParentVue and MyMCPSClassroom?

ParentVue displays attendance information, class schedules, grades, transcripts, calendars, school information, and other information stored in the Synergy Student Information System

MyMCPSClassroom is a learning management system or digital learning platform. Parents can have an “Observer” account where they can view information and learning resources. Click here for more information.

How do I access ParentVue MCPS?

  • You will need an activation letter from your kid schools
  • Website browser: mcpsmd classroom
  • Download the ParentVue MCPS app for Apple or Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store

How do I activate my MCPS Parent Vue account?

  • Parents new to MCPS create a ParentVue MCPS account during the registration process
  • An activation letter will be sent to parents by email or post in the United States
  • Contact your child’s school for an activation letter if you haven’t received it yet
  • Here are instructions on how to activate your account

Why do I need a MCPS parentvue login account?

MCPS Parent Vue is the ultimate communication tool for MCPS teachers and staff to communicate with parents about school and student information

  • It provides up-to-date information and news
  • MCPS parentvue login is available in seven languages

Do I need a separate ParentVue account for each of my children?

No, you only need one account to access information for all your children

What if I don’t see all my children in one account?

Contact the school of the child you can’t see

How can I view Parent Vue MCPS in a different language?

In the lower corner of the website or app, look for the drop-down menu with different languages. Choose the language you want

How do I move confirmations to certificates and other documents?

  • First click the link to the document and download the document
  • Then click Yes
  • If you click “Skip” or not, these messages will continue to appear until you download them and click “Yes.”

How do I change my Parent Vue MCPS password?

On the ParentVue login screen, click Forgot Password

How do I enroll my child in high school or high school in athletics?

The ParentVUE online registration mcpsmd portal, available in English and Spanish, contains all the required paper forms and documents on a web-based platform accessible via a secure gateway to the ParentVUE portal.

Parents/guardians can also scan and upload students’ studysync login physical information and vaccination records against COVID-19 as part of the registration process. For more parent/guardian information, click here in English or Spanish.

What is an annual review and how do I do it on ParentVue?

In the past, yellow emergency cards and various other forms were mailed to students’ homes on the first day of school so families could report up-to-date information on contact information, health, directory cuts, emergency contacts and more. This process is now done on parentvue mcps login via online registration.

How do I sign up for a parent conference with ParentVue?

ParentVue | Walter Johnson HS (

Where can I find the ParentVue Support Guide and other support guides?

parentvue Knowledge Search – Community Tech Support (

How do I log into ParentVUE on MCPS?

Studysync login Visit to mycps logins to ParentVUE. Log in with a valid school provided username and password.

How to check my cps grade checking GradeView result for ParentVUE in MCPS?

  • Download and open the cps grade checking app.
  • When prompted to select your school district, enter any postal code at parentvue Montgomery County Public School
  • Click Search and select parentvue Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Enter the valid school provided username and password
  • On the home screen of the app, make sure you have selected the correct highlight period.
  • Click on your classes to see your grades in each class.

Can MCPS users trust GradeView?

Yes! When developing GradeView, privacy and security were top priorities. GradeView doesn’t store any user related information and only acts as a “wrapper” around ParentVUE, allowing users to view their grades with lots of great features.

There’s no better way to check ParentVUE’s MCPS ratings than GradeView!

What about student vue cps for grade view?

GradeView works for studentvue Montgomery county public school students too!

To know more Check out the studentvue cps MCPS webpage to learn more!

How do I change the language?

ParentVUE supports multiple languages. To select a different language, click the drop-down menu in the lower-left corner of the mycps logins page. Please remember that changing the language options changes only the menu and ParentVUE text content and not the language in the available documents uploaded from MCPS.

How to change studentvue cps Montgomery county views?

If you have more than one student vue cps in an MCPS school, follow these steps to switch student vue cps views:

  • Navigate to the ParentVUE MCPS login web app and sign in.
  • In the upper left corner of the MCPS ParentVUE screen, click the drop-down arrow next to the student vue mcps name and select another student.

How do you check assignments and deadlines?

The calendar can be used to view assignments and events from your child’s school and teachers. Please note that the calendar reflects what the teacher has noted on their class roster. If a teacher has not entered an assignment in the textbook, it will not appear on the calendar.

The best place to find your current assignment end date is on myMCPS Classroom/Canvas Complete the following steps:

  • Click Calendar in the left menu.
  • Sort assignments/events by class of student vue mcps, assignment type, or assignment status.
  • Change your calendar view to view events by day, week, or month.
  • Click an assignment to view more details about the task, results, and resources.
  • Select the type of event to be displayed on the calendar.

How do I view attendance details?

Attendance details can be viewed in three main areas: 

  • The month view contains icons indicating days marked as absent, late or active.
  • The total amount is shown in the form of a schedule based on the course and/or period.
  • You can change the semester date for planned attendance.