What is Spirion Identity Finder?

What is Spirion Identity Finder?

The Spirion Identity Finder is an amazing approach towards helping you with locating sensitive data that might be hard to find.

It’s commercial software that could be used to search for all kinds of data on your computer. This data can include personal information, social security numbers, bank account, or credit card information.

But, it can also search in the local and remote drives or emails along with synced storage for your computers.

This data may include documents that you might not even remember about. Along with that, it even helps you in securing data of all kinds which ensures that your sensitive information is protected by all means from theft or inappropriate use as well.

The Spirion Identity finder runs on Windows or Mac and is able to thoroughly search for Personal Identifiable Information on your computer.

It even has access to a shared network you allow it to. As soon as any information is identified, the same is remediated with the Spirion Identity Finder.

What is Spirion Identity Finder able to locate for you?

The Spirion Identity Finder has access to the data you authorize it to view. And if you are curious about what it could help you locate in your computer, here are a few examples:

  • SSNs: Right from formatted to unformatted social security numbers, Spirion Identity Finder can search all such numbers for you.?
  • Credit Card Information: It doesn?t matter what kind of information regarding your credit cards has been stored in your system, the Spirion Identity Finder can find it for you. The credit card information it locates belongs to enterprises like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, etc.?
  • DL numbers
  • Bank Account Numbers of the owner of the system
  • Passport Numbers

Spirion Identity Finder on your computer

When you stick to the default settings on the Spirion Identity Finder on your Windows or Mac, it will search all the local storage attached to your computers.

But that doesn’t mean you can?t allow it to do more. You can also configure it to scan any of the files that you have access to.

For Windows, right-click on the file/folder/directory and initiate a scan with the Spirion Identity Finder.

It’s pretty simple.

This program can even find the FAX images, PDFs, JPGs or TIFs from your computers and present it before you. It also finds sensitive information on your systems and presents them separately.

The optical character recognition or OCR can search for text within the images.?

If the DPI of any image is more than 2400 or less than 75, the recognition is more likely to fail.

When not to use Spirion Identity Finder?

When it comes to your device’s local storage, like your hard drive or home share, you are the one that?s responsible for storing and safeguarding all the information and manage your data.

However, your corporate data that works on network-based file shares allows a lot to people within your corporation to access the files and share the data to allow a shareowner that?s identified for scanning and remediating PII.

In case you aren’t a certified owner of the data or an administrator of a network file share, then there?s no use to go for Spirion.?

The reason for it is that if excessive scanning is made a habit, you are likely to have a lot of performance issues with your data and systems.?

Usually, when you install the Spirion Identity Finder for the first time, the first scan is definitely going to take some extra time, depending on the size of your disk or the configuration of your computers.

If you have a lot of data in your systems, I recommend you start the scan and go back to your normal life because it can take somewhere around 5-6 hours for higher volumes of data.

However, the subsequent scans usually are fast and don’t affect the performance of your system.?

To complete a regular scan, the time taken usually depends on the amount of data that’s being shared at that time.