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2 step verification walmart

Are you a Walmart employee? If you don’t know the procedure to set up a wmlink 2step (wmlink/2step) wmlink 2 step verification walmart code to login into your account. If yes, then this article about Walmart verification is for you. Go to the article and get all the information about How to do two-step verification for Walmart.

Our article is a complete guide to understand the whole process and why it is necessary for the employees working in the Walmart store.

When a company has several thousand employees. It is difficult for the company to manage all of them. So the company set up a centralized system for the employees to access all the latest information about the company, their salary slips, appraisal details, leaves, and benefits. The same procedure is followed by Walmart.

Walmart has established a separate portal for the workers called onewalmart ( WIRE ), Where the workers can log in using the credentials of ASDA and access all employee-related details. This could be done if the person is available at the Walmart network or inside the store.

If you are away from the Walmart network and want to access your details, you will have to enter ASDA credentials along with 6 digital rotational codes which are also called 2 step verification codes.

wmlink/2step | wmlink 2step(wmlink 2step) wmlink 2 step Verification Walmart:

Walmart 2 step verification is common these days because it provides an extra layer of security to your account that you need to access on a particular website. Most of the banks need this feature enabled to protect the bank accounts of customers from unauthorized access.

Finally, we can say the wmlink/2 step verification Walmart process has become essential and this leads Walmart to implement the same for their employees to keep their data safe and secure.

For the employees who were working in Walmart, the wmlink/2 step on a Walmart verification is mandatory for the login to the employee portal along with ASDA login credentials.

What is the Walmart employee portal | wmlink 2 step:

It is a kind of dashboard which is similar to the one you get when you log in to your bank account through Net Banking where you can find all the details such as an account statement, your profile, transactions, option to apply for a cheque book, credit card, debit card, and other services.

Walmart employee portal is different from the one you access while ordering an item online. It is available only for the employees where they can have information regarding the companies, upcoming events, payslip, apply for leave and track them, manage their work and also about the employee benefits such as insurance, bonus, etc. it is a complete solution for the employee to manage all their work-related activities.

Setting up 2 step verification Walmart is simple and it is required for Walmart workers to access their member-only portal when they are away from the company’s network.

For example, if you are outside the Walmart store and have to access the employee portal, then you have to enable a 2 step verification feature. The two-step verification Walmart is a 6 digit rotating code that you’ll have to enter on a member-only Portal along with your ASDA credentials to access the employee account.

The six-digit code will keep changing frequently and it could be received through text messages, app, or voice calls.

How to set up wmlink/2step | wmlink 2stepverification: visit wmlink 2step

If you are a new member of Walmart and are wondering how to set up visit wmlink/2step verification, Here we have a simple step-by-step process. It is a very simple process and you can choose any of the three options to receive a 6 digit code via text message, voice call, or an app.

Step 1: Before setting up the wmlink/2 step verification, you’ll need to login to Walmart WIRE – This is a portal for associates to login to any website on the internet. Go to one Walmart. This will open into a login page.

Step 2: on the login page, you’ll have to enter your user ID and select the country/region and then the location, and hit the “sign-in” button.

Step 3: Before proceeding further, make sure that you are the one who looked into your account and not anyone else’s. Then go to the top right corner of the page and look for your name. If you find your name, it is a good sign to go further. If you find some other employee’s name, you can log out and try to login again.

Step 4: After ensuring that the account is your name, you can login into your account, then it’s time to go ahead and set up the Walmart two step verification. You can choose any of the three options that were mentioned above- call, text, or an app.

How to set up wmlink/2step | wmlink/2 step verification through text messaging:

2 step verification walmart
If you want to receive a 6 digit verification code through text message, Then proceed with the below process.

Step 1: select setup text messaging

Step 2: After selecting the text messaging you have to select the country the United Kingdom and then enter your phone number.

Step 3: click on the send code that represents the blue button to verify your cell phone number.

Step 4: you will receive a security code on your cell number that you need to enter to complete the process. Enter the code and click on the submit button and the process for 2 step verification through text messaging is completed.

How to set up wmlink/2step verification (2 step verification walmart) through voice call:

Step 1: select set up a voice call

Step 2: Select the country and enter the cell phone number that you want to receive a voice call to

Step 3: reenter the phone number that includes the area code and click on the submit button.

How to set up wmlink/2step verification through the app:

Step 1: select setup app

Step 2: First you need to Download the VIP Access application from the Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

Step 3: Enter the Credentials ID and security code

Step 4: Click the submit button

How to change the verification method:

Changing the verification method can also be done easily. You can switch between all these three methods without much hassle. Here’s how to do it

Step:1– Please log in to the Wire portal with your credentials

Step:2– Login to the WIRE Portal using the credentials and make sure to use the same portable that was used for setting up the wmlink/2sv verification code

Step:3– Once logged in please select one of the three available options to change to the method of your choice


So readers, we would like to conclude this article with all the possible information that would help you in understanding the importance of 2 step verification walmart wmlink/2sv, how to set it up, and also change the verification method and how it benefits Walmart.

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