https aka ms remoteconnect / What is it, How to use it & How to Fix Error in Minecraft (Solved)

https aka ms remoteconnect

Are you new to the Https aka Ms RemoteConnect account / website and want to find out more? Well, in this case, you click on the rightmost link to find the same. This allows users to play Minecraft with people who have devices other than home.

Wondering how to use the site for smooth gaming? This guide will explain what aliases you need to know for everyone. The Https aka Ms RemoteConnect website includes merging machines with friends and other Minecraft players. Let’s see.

If you can’t sign in to your Microsoft account and play Minecraft, the error persists. If you can’t join Minecraft, the article below will help you fix the error and access Minecraft easily.

The reason for the error is not the inability to enter Minecraft, but rather a change in the device. If you’re playing Minecraft on one device and suddenly switch devices, you’ll be prevented from doing so with this error message upon login. To activate Minecraft properly on PS4, ignore the error message and connect to multiplayer, this guide will help you.

What is minecraft login ps4?

Aka Ms/Remote Connect Site helps to play Minecraft on PlayStation 4 easily and Nintendo Switch. Users must register and sign in to a Microsoft account to play on non-Microsoft devices.

Minecraft players already play on multiple devices, including PS4, Switch and Windows PC or Mac, according to Microsoft. You can also use your Microsoft https aka ms remoteconnect account to play on Android and iOS phones. is a website that allows anyone to log in to Minecraft and make their own home without waiting for games under it. You can also connect via different devices to play the game. Minecraft opens smoothly on PS4, but if you try to open it on a non-Microsoft device, it may be difficult to open. You can also log in to your https aka ms remoteconnect account for free and connect with other players and play together.

The devices the game supports are PS4, Windows PC, iOS and Android smartphones, Mac PC and other similar options. So download Minecraft on Xbox and start playing by signing in with your Microsoft account.

How to use https//

This site helps you connect with players who have logged in through various devices and are playing games. If you’re signed in with a Microsoft account, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 players must sign in with the same credentials. However, when you sign in to your Microsoft account, you can access many services other than Minecraft and its games.

Minecraft is part of a non-Microsoft game, but players must create a Microsoft account to access the game. So install the game on your device and start playing by logging in using your Microsoft account.

Here’s how to login your Minecraft code?

When you connect your PS4 (or Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch) to your Microsoft Live account, you can play Minecraft with your friends on multiple platforms. You do not need a Microsoft account to play Minecraft on PS4. However, there are options.

With a Microsoft account, you can play PS4 games on non-PS4 devices or platforms. Purchases in the Minecraft Store or Marketplace can also be transferred to other devices.

  • To register with Microsoft, you must first click the “Register” button. The screen will appear once you click on it.
  • Then enter a total of 8 unique numeric codes and log in to your Microsoft Live account to link your accounts.
  • You must use your Microsoft account information to connect to your PlayStation Network account. This cannot be changed.
  • To return to the Minecraft home screen, click Games after successfully logging into your Microsoft account.
  • Now swipe right to open the Friends tab and “Add Friend” is the button you can click.
  • To make friends, enter your Microsoft games one by one.

How do you set up Minecraft Crossover on your PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

Here’s a guide on how to set up Minecraft crossplay on your PS4. Follow step by step to avoid last minute problems.

  • First, users have to visit the Nintendo Store on their PS4 console or the Sony PlayStation Store.
  • While playing Nintendo Switch, find “Minecraft” and select the “Minecraft for Switch” option.
  • On the PlayStation 4, enter “Minecraft PS4” and select “Download Minecraft for PS4” from the drop-down menu.
  • Create a Microsoft user https aka ms remoteconnect account by filling out the form.
  • Go to the Minecraft home screen on your smartphone and select the login option.
  • You will be redirected to a remote link from the login page when you click on the link.
  • Write down the eight-digit activation code in your head. You will need this code to activate your account on the official https aka remoteconnect website.
  • Open https// in your browser.
  • You can do this with your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Enter the code on the console screen.
  • Then click the “Next” button.
  • To complete the sign-in process, just follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done.

Let us see the error and how to fix it?

Why is the error code displayed?

There are several reasons why you might see this error when connecting and Minecraft remotely when you are logged into your Microsoft account. However, one of the most important and common reasons is to switch devices. Choosing the right device is key to getting the most out of the experience. This error can occur when switching from Xbox One to PS4.

Oftentimes, when trying to open Minecraft on an older version on PS4, an error message appears. This is also common when playing Minecraft by logging into a Microsoft account. An activation code will be requested and it will be displayed. This is mainly due to a change in the device you are playing the game on. For example, if you change the credentials from PlayStation 4 to Xbox console, you will see an error message.

Minecraft Bedrock is very popular thanks to its cross-play functionality. The error can always be fixed, regardless of the cause of the error https//

  • Due to device replacement: You can play Minecraft on PS4, PC, Xbox, or any other console with your Microsoft account because Microsoft brings cross-game functionality to its users. https aka ms remoteconnect error can appear when switching devices which can affect your entertainment.
  • Due to corrupt game files: Disorganized and corrupted files in your Minecraft can cause a lot of problems. If your game files are incorrect, you may see an error connecting the game remotely.
  • Because of the cross game: As mentioned earlier, the crossover feature is one of the awesome features of Microsoft that allows users to enjoy Minecraft on any non-Microsoft device. However, the first time you try to enable this feature on your Xbox, PS4, or PC, you will most likely experience a login failure.

Steps to avoid Minecraft fail error

Use Microsoft credentials in code: Minecraft errors mainly occur with PS4 accounts and it’s better to try a new Microsoft login account. Try using the correct Microsoft error code to access Minecraft. Now that the access page is displayed, highlight it and write down the code for future use.

Try using the code every time you try to unlock it with another device. However, this is known as the brute force method. Once you’ve unlocked the correct code, your Microsoft account will be a very easy way to access the many games available in Minecraft.

Delete Minecraft data files

  • First go to settings option and then click on system settings
  • Now you need to click on the repository, then two game files will appear.
  • You need to delete Minecraft files
  • Then you should try using the login code and re-enter the game.

Create a new Microsoft account: If you’ve switched devices, you may not be able to sign in to your Microsoft Nintendo Switch account. The account used on the PS4 collided with the account used on the Xbox, resulting in an error message. So a possible option is to open a new Microsoft account, which can prevent the error message

After setting up your account, you can download Minecraft Texture Packs from the Minecraft store and access many game options. Since error messages usually appear in older versions of games, try updating and using the latest version to avoid obstacles while playing the game.

How do I fix https aka ms remoteconnect not working?

The steps for processing the error message are listed below.

  • First, go to the Microsoft password reset page
  • Now you have to enter the email address you used for the PS4 or Xbox console or mobile phone and then click on the next option
  • Then when you see the verification code, you have to enter it and then click next option
  • This is where it is possible to reset the password and enter a new one
  • Once you set a new password, you will leave the device on which you are playing Minecraft
  • Now open the console and try to connect the Microsoft https aka ms remoteconnect account.
  • Use the activation code as needed to access Minecraft.

How to fix error in Minecraft?

Try the steps below to fix Minecraft remote connection error without getting familiar with rocket science. We also suggest that you try the code, but it doesn’t work for you. So don’t worry and read on to find some of the best solutions.

Enter Microsoft login code

On PS4. Therefore, you have to sign in with a Microsoft account repeatedly to access the game. You may be able to fix the login error by following the steps below.

Your Minecraft game is now available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

  • In your game console, click “Multiplayer Access”.
  • It is possible to verify your account remotely by visiting
  • You’ll then need to save the code on your screen when you open Minecraft Multiplayer Access.
  • Now you need to open any browser and sign in to your Microsoft account from
  • In the same browser, go to, where a new window will appear where you have to enter the code you found earlier.
  • Finally, you have to accept the terms and conditions displayed on your screen and then you will be able to play Minecraft in with your login https // minecraft login ps4 or Nintendo without any login errors.

Delete corrupted and saved game files from Minecraft

It may be useful to remove “Saved and Corrupted Game Dates” in Minecraft; Let’s take a look at how to delete problematic files from Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo

Xbox one

  • Select “Games and Apps” on the start screen and go to “Games” in the menu.
  • Navigate to Minecraft via the controller menu button and open game management.
  • Now delete the files you want and follow the instructions on your screen.


  • Select “Home Screen Settings”.
  • Select Storage > System Storage > Saved Data and Minecraft.
  • Select the file you want to delete and remove it.
  • Now, you can quickly get rid of the corrupted files for the two games.

Nintendo switch

  • Look at the game menu and select “Settings”.
  • A new screen will appear where you have to select “Data Management
  • Finally click “Clear Saved Data” and done.

Troubleshooting cross game

Minecraft offers gameplay across multiple platforms on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As previously mentioned, this feature raises various issues, https aka remoteconnect Error; Hence, you should be on top of cross-game troubleshooting on PS4 and Xbox. It is important to note that Xbox users need to download games from the official store, while https // minecraft login ps4 users can do so from the PS4 store.

How do I set up Remote Connect on Xbox?

If you’re trying to set up a aka ms remote connect on your Xbox one or Xbox360 and you encounter a sign-in error, you’ll need to follow these steps to resolve it.

  • Your Microsoft account must be used to sign in to your Xbox.
  • Then open the Xbox browser and go to where you will get the code. This code is very important to enable aka ms remote connect.
  • On the device for which you want to enable remote playback, go to; However, you will need a Microsoft account if you already have one to access this link. Alternatively, you can create a new account.
  • Once you’ve accessed the link, you’ll need to enter a code to play remotely from your Xbox screen.
  • After entering the code, you will see Minecraft loading on your screen.

How do I set up Remote Connect on PS4?

This is to enable crossplay on your Xbox; Let’s focus on the cross game setup on https // minecraft login ps4;

  • To use Minecraft’s remote gaming features, PS4 users must download and install the paid version of the game.
  • This version is only available through the Minecraft Store.
  • If you have a paid version of Minecraft PS4, all you need to do is sign in with your Microsoft account information.
  • When you log in, you will be given a code on your PS4 which you will need to copy as it is essential to access remote game features.
  • Now you need to go from your device to the https aka ms remote connect website where you want to activate the function and enter the previously marked code.

How do I set up an Xbox crossover machine?

  • The Xbox cross game engine lets you play Minecraft with your friends on various devices such as the PS4.
  • Follow these steps to set up a cross-game computer on your Xbox;
  • First you need to press the Xbox button on your controller and see the settings.
  • Click “Accounts” and select “Account and online privacy security”.
  • Select Xbox Live Privacy, then select Optional.
  • Click Show Details and select Customize.
  • Select “Communication and Multiplayer”.
  • Now enable “Communication outside of Xbox Live”.

Create a new Microsoft account

If you’ve used an old Microsoft account to play Minecraft on Xbox, it probably won’t work on PS4. Hence, you will need to create a new Microsoft account for your PS4 to fix the http aka ms remoteconnect issue.

  • Go to the Microsoft account site.
  • Click “Create a Microsoft Account”.
  • Select Get a New Email Address if you want Microsoft to create an address for you.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete registration.


https aka remoteconnect Nintendo Switch issue only visible on PS4 console. Best way to troubleshoot http aka ms remoteconnect ps4.

I know not being able to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition is frustrating. Bedrock Edition has very few features and with these types of bugs your game will be pathetic. This is just a code world, only if you can’t log in to your Microsoft account you won’t be able to enjoy server, ball and cross games.

http aka ms remoteconnect Microsoft can’t be fixed with DLC packs for Minecraft. Therefore, follow the instructions in the post to resolve the issue carefully.

That’s it for the http aka ms remoteconnect website. We hope you enjoyed this article and helped you a lot using the links.