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People write bold, typing, discord strikethrough, italicize and even color! How do people write in color? This is because of Discord text formatting.

We tried to write “/ dare hello guys!” But it certainly didn’t work. It became clear that discord text formatting is used there.

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You can learn about large discord text formatting | discord text format

In case you’re analyzing this, you’re probably that guy or pal (or you are trying to avoid unhappiness and become Discord’s formatting assistant!)

In any case, today I’m going to show you how to write literally every discord formatting text has to offer.

You’ll learn the basics of Discord’s formatting mechanism (Markdown & Highlight.js), basic formatting commands (bold, italic, underline, etc.), and learn how to enter text into discord code block color fields and blocks – in color!

After downloading the basics, Discord’s formatting isn’t bad.

While you’re still learning the commands, it might be a good idea to keep this page open for reference (or bookmark). Anyway, just talk – let’s do the formatting!

Behind the Scenes: Discord Text Formatting Machine

As we chat on Discord text formatting, a sleek and lightweight engine running in the background formatting all our text. This “machine” is called markdown.

What is discord markdown

What is discord text formatting
Discord Markdown is a simple markup language that was first published in 2004.It has a plain text formatting syntax and is designed to be easy to read and write. The original only supports HTML, but markdown is used in plain text editors such as creating rich text for posting messages on online forums.

Discord Markdown runs in the background and ` all text. Now that we know what’s responsible, let’s move on.

Markdown Rundown discord formatting

Developed in 2004 by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz, Markdown is a sign language that is light and easy to read / write. it’s far completely textual content primarily based and makes use of cleverly positioned characters to layout phrases in discord bold, italic, underline, etc.

Although Discord developers used it most often for formatting readme files, forum discussions, and converting plain text to rich text in basic text editors, they saw its potential and built it into the core software.

We’ll take a look at discord Markdown within the next section so you’ll be able learn how to legitimately arrange all of your messages.

Highlight.js enables color discord formatter

discord message formatting
Before I get into requests, I want to explain another great feature that the Discord developers have added. This is a library called Highlight.js.

Now I want to make it clear that Discord does not underline any full text. You cannot say, “I want this word to be crimson and this word to be blue! This type of emphasis does not exist.

What exists for text coloring purposes, however, is a “hacked” version of text highlighting that uses Highlight.js’ syntax coloring method.

While we can’t highlight text directly, we can create a block of discord code block color in that section, align it with a specific syntax highlighting profile contained in Highlight.js, and then use it to our advantage by enclosing our text in the appropriate characters.

All of this would make much more sense in terms of some interesting examples.

Remember this before discord format

You don’t need to remember all these details. For now, what you need to know is that Discord uses Markdown to format text and Highlight.js to highlight blocks of code.

In the next section, I will show you how to use these formatting options.

How to Change Text Style in discord text tricks?

How to format text in discord

And now the fun begins. I’ll show you how to move, italicize, underline, and cross text as a starting point. We’ll start with the basics and then move on to creating code blocks for coloring text.

How to change text style in discord texting

Strikethrough on discord is a brand that many have heard of, and this instant messaging and content distribution service is rapidly gaining popularity with many user groups. The unique feature of this platform is that it enables community-based communication, where users who have specific interests can create their own private chats which are called servers.

Despite its fairly simple interface, discord text effects allows users to use a variety of powerful communication tools, from text content to streaming audio and video. It goes without saying that users like to express their thoughts creatively.

Hence, there is great interest in learning how to change the visual appearance of messages using basic discord text color effects formatting. In this article we will explain how to change text styles in discord text color effects and provide detailed instructions on how to enable various options such as: Use discord bold or italic or underline sections of text.

How does the text discord font commands work?

Below the surface, Discord runs a powerful engine called Markdown, which regulates how text is displayed on a page that is visible to the user. It is a markup language application that relies entirely on text characters as discord text commands. This makes it easier for users who are not experienced in advanced programming to change the appearance of text.

In general, Markdown allows you to enter a few characters and interpret it as a command to change the style of the text, such as: bold or at the base of a certain word or phrase. There is a special library called Highlight.js for highlighting blocks of text, which allows text to be easily marked for stylistic accents.

This approach is very practical and easy to learn, allowing longtime Discord users to change text styles as they write without thinking too much. In fact, it depends on following a few simple rules and knowing the most important symbol (tag) combinations.

How to use code blocks to discord markup?

Apart from simple discord font change, Discord makes it very easy for users to perform advanced text formatting. One way to do this is to place a backslash able block of code (`) at the beginning and end of sections of text. This command highlights the selected piece of text and leaves space around it to make your message stand out.

However, if you use three consecutive characters (`) before a block of text and press Enter to break the text into multiple lines, you will see a series of highlighted lines that make up a block of code.

These options are so simple that even beginners with no programming knowledge can easily learn how to use them, and there are several practical uses that Discord users will really appreciate.

How to bold in discord formatting text

Many of us have doubt that how to bold text in discord

To make bold text in that section, all you need to do is start and end discord bold text with two asterisks (*).

Asterisk is SHIFT + 8 on the keyboard.

If you look at the image below, you will see that I put two asterisks or asterisks before and after the text I want to bold.

I entered the following and the result:

How to italicize in discord formatting list

How to set italic to text (make italic) italics in discord

To make it italic or italic in Discord, you will need to retype the asterisk. However, this time use only an asterisk.

  • We use two asterisks for bold text: ** bold text **
  • For italics in discord we’ll do the same, but with an asterisk: * discord italics*
  • Again, the asterisk is SHIFT + 8 on your keyboard.

This is what I entered to get the result shown in the image below:

How to make bold italic sections in discord fonts formatting (bold + italic)

You might have guessed the discount for Bold + discord italics … It’s not just one or two stars, it’s three stars.

The following is an example of the bold italics ***

How to underline in discord message formatting

To format our text as underlined, we both need to use two underscores (__).

This should be a detailed guide. So add a keyboard strikethrough discord layout for the underline below (if you’re reading this and never typed the underscore!):

I entered this to get the following result:

How to make discord strikethrough text discord fonts

Most of us how doubt that how to strikethrough on discord

For strikethrough on discord we have to use the tilde (~) button.

Two tildes cross out or “cross out” the entered text strikethrough discord.

Here is the keyboard layout (highlighted yellow keys) for entering a tilde. You have to press SHIFT + ~.

I entered this to get the following result:

Format international keyboard layout discord format text

A reader recently pointed out that international keyboard layouts should also be considered. Here we’re assuming the asterisk is “Shift + 8” and the tilde is “Shift + Backtick (`) “, but this isn’t always the case.

Below are some of the additional keyboard layouts international users might encounter, as well as examples of the asterisks for each layout.

  • Germany: Shift + [+] (button to the right of Ü)
  • Spanish: Shift + [+] (keys to the right of `^ (Spanish) or ´¨ (Latin America))
  • French (French): * (right key ù%)
  • French (Belgium): Shift + $ (button on the right ^ ¨)
  • French (Switzerland): Shift + 3
  • Italy: Shift + [+] (button to the right of èé)
  • Sweden: Shift + ‘(button to the right of Ä)

If you find yourself using one of these alternative keyboard layouts, you can customize it. Most users usually use the standard English keyboard (which is why we made it the default), but we wanted to be familiar with alternative layouts and know that everything is possible regardless of your layout.

More combined text formatting options discord formating

We can also combine underline, bold, italic, and bold + italic.

Here’s an example:

Underlined and italic text

__ * underlined and italic text * __

Underlined and bold text

__ ** underlined and bold text ** __

Underlined, italic and bold text

__ *** underlined, italic and bold text *** __

This is your way of “getting out” of the text and seeing all the underscores and asterisks

If you really want to see underscores or asterisks in messages (like emoticons) you can use the spare ‘\’ button to skip the markup formatting and see the text exactly as the original.

Consider the following example (note the backslash “\” at the beginning of each character).

Excessive slashes are needed here as I underlined them in my message.

\ _ \ _ \ * \ * \ * I want this to be displayed in all its glory! \ * \ * \ * \ _ \ _ \ _

However, note that the backslash at the end isn’t necessary if you have them all at the beginning:

If I didn’t have an underscore, I would get a backslash “\”:

\ ** Message marked without an underscore! ** **.

This completes basic formatting

And that’s all for basic formatting. These are pretty simple things that you will need to cut back on after a few messages.

The only keys to remember are the underscore, asterisk (asterisk), and backslash.

Advanced Discord fonts Text Formatting: Color Writing

And now we come to the fun part … formatting our color strikethrough on discord message!

As soon as you get a color message on a channel you visit frequently, you will get a question about it.

We’ll look at some basic points (code blocks) and then color your message! Let’s start!

One-line code block in this section discord code block

To create a block of lines of code in that section, you must use the check mark or the return icon: `

Since this key is hard to find if you’ve never used it (before), I’ve included a well-highlighted keyboard layout below:

The “check mark” or “throw” symbol should be in the upper left corner of the keyboard just below the escape key (ESC).

Once you’re comfortable with the backtick button, let’s create a single line of code. All you have to do is play a before and after text game.

Multi-line code block (multiline) in this section

Like single-line code blocks, multi-line code blocks also use the backtick (“”) symbol. The only difference is that instead of one backslash (`), you should put three (” “) before and after your text.

The best part is that you can press Enter and split your text into multiple lines, all of which are formatted on a single line of code.

Here are the signs for the following examples:

“Experimenting with …

… a few lines …

… for my code block! “”

How to format colored text in discord

And now, at this point we have all been waiting … [drum roll] … colored text!

I searched the internet for good examples of formatting colored text on Discord but couldn’t find anything obvious.

There are some examples, but they are quite vague. I can’t find a guide that clearly shows you how to format your text if you want it to be a certain color.

How to change text color in dispute message

It is not possible to change the default text color via the original Discord user interface. However, there is a simple solution to this problem which includes highlighting scenarios.

Mentioned earlier in the article. This Javascript-based library can convert plain text into blocks of code consisting of three lines, with the centerline being the text of your choice in an alternative color. This is a pure solution which can be activated very easily with the same text discord text commands described above.

To do this clever trick, you need to make a simple block of three rows. In the top line you need to enter three backslashes (“‘) along with a code phrase that matches the color of the text you want to use.

In the second line, you should type all your text normally, while the bottom line should contain three more backlinks. You can create a new line by pressing Shift and Enter at the same time.

This is how coloring text works in Discord

Since we are using a solution based on Highlight.js, it will work as follows.

We will create a multiline code block with three responses and indicate the language for syntax highlighting.

We can do this by adding an underscore reference to the programming language at the very beginning of the multiline code block.

That’s right, for example. Here we list “Apache” as the syntax highlighting language:


Here’s some text …


We’ll “take” some syntax highlights and use them to colorize the text to our advantage.

Below I have listed most of the colors you might use and I have tried to point out the differences between various language references.

Limitations of this text coloring method

  • This method is (unfortunately) subject to limitations. The most common limitation is that in some languages your text must be linked to a word to highlight the syntax (not all!).

    • It means you can’t write: this is a sentence.
    • You must write: This_is_a_sentence OR This is a sentence.

  • What happened? Now that we are using syntax highlighting to highlight our discord message formatting, let’s try to make a multiline block of code look like our message is literal programming code.

  • Most of the time, the desired color is contained in a variable which, by definition, should not contain spaces.
  • One place that works well is code and string comments. I’ve tried to include code comments and strings in each of the following colors as much as possible (to make typing easier).
  • If you look closely, you will find that I entered a few variables and I mentioned that you cannot have spaces when using this formatting method. Even so, this could be a very feasible method for every word.

Anyway, that’s enough to blow me out – let’s color it

How to Color Text RED in Discord

Check syntax highlighting for Red (EASY).

Add a red dash (-) before the line you want.

CSS syntax highlighting for orange (red-orange)

Place brackets [] around the text you want to highlight.




How to color text YELLOW in Discord

Adjust syntax highlighting for yellow (EASY).

In Fix, everything you write is yellow by default! This is a nice and easy way to get yellow text.

“” fix it

Everything is yellow in correction –

It doesn’t matter which line!


Highlights Apache syntax for yellow (limitation: NO SPACE)

Add a percent sign and a% {brace at the beginning of the text and a left brace} at the end to highlight your text in yellow in Apache syntax.


% {Dark_YELLOW_Colored_Text}


How to Color Green Text in Discord

Light green syntax highlighting (EASY)

Add a plus sign (+) in front of the line you want to green.


+ There’s a little bit of green here!


Highlight CSS syntax for light green

Place quotation marks “” around the text that you want to color light green.


Select the bash syntax for dark green (EASY)

Quotes around your text “”


Note: Dark green color and the quotation marks around your text work in a number of other reference languages, not just Bash. Works with “coffeescript”, “cpp” and many others.

JSON syntax highlight for dark green (EASY)

As with bash, place the quotation marks around the text you want to add a dark green color.


“Green text in JSON”


How to how to cross out text in discordText BLUE in Discord

The INI syntax for blue is highlighted

Place brackets [] around the text that you want to highlight in blue.


[It’s underlined a little in blue text]


CSS syntax highlighting (restriction: NO SPACE)

Place a period (.) In front of the text you want to discord color text blue and make sure there are no spaces on the lines.




Discord color text formatting

As you may have noticed, there are limitations to using this method (such as not requiring spaces to be entered for certain colors).

Above all, we can still color our text with relative ease!

We as a user recommend using the DIFF, BASH, FIX, and CSS highlighting (red, green, yellow, and blue respectively).

In both cases, the examples above include various nuances of basic syntax that highlight colors and allow you to experiment with them in your messages.

Add the discord code textode block to the discord message formatting

Code squares can be an awesome way to send messages without organizing. As the name suggests, this feature comes in handy when you’re collaborating on a project and need to share discord code text snippets with other users on your Discord channel.

They are also useful when you want to send messages that contain elements such as asterisks or underscores that Discord will recognize as Markdown formatting.

To send messages with blocks with mismatched codes, add a check mark (also known as a highlight) at the beginning and end of your message.

You can do this on a single line or in multiple lines to create multi-line blocks of code. For single-line codes, start your message with a backslash (`). Use three check marks (“”) for multi-line code blocks.

Use Citation Pads in Discord for web and desktop

Mismatched quotes can be used to quote external text or previous messages on your channel. These blocks appear above your message to add to your own context.

As with code blocks, you can quote single or multiple lines with one or three characters greater than> (>). One of the options allows you to create a block of quotes. You have to press Shift + Enter to move across multiple lines and leave the pad with quotation marks when editing.

To add a bid, enter one character or three characters greater than, and then press the spacebar. The quotes you use should turn out to be one gray block. This indicates that this line is in quotation marks.

For blocks with single quotes, type your quotes on a single line, then press Shift + Enter on your keyboard several times to break out of the block of quotes. The quotation marks disappear from your line and indicate the end of your quote block.

You can then enter a regular message below your offer.

The same process applies to quotes across multiple lines. With your citation board active, press Shift + Enter to go to the second line and beyond.

When you are ready to get out of the quotes, press Ctrl + Shift repeatedly until the quotation marks disappear.

You can then enter your normal message below the bidding block.


Now that you’ve read this article and gone through Discord’s various formatting methods, it’s easy to customize it on Discord. It includes things like Discord color text options and Discord font change options and more.

In this article, you will even learn more about the history of border strife. If you still have any doubts or suggestions about this Discord text formatting, feel free to head out with a thought. you can check about Paypal Fee Calculator