7 UNO Reverse Card MEME of Love

If you’re looking for a fun card game to play with friends, and don’t have uno give Uno Reverse card love a try! Each player starts with a hand of 7 uno reverse card meme. To play, match one of your cards with the card you see. The primary player to be freed of all his cards wins the circular.

At that point all players collect their cards. The amusement proceeds until one individual scores 500 focuses.Once you’ve caught reverse Uno cards, try variations to change things up.

The UNO rules are simple once you get used to them. We’ve also included some general rules for cages to help keep the game stronger.

UNO reverse card meme is a high-speed card game, similar to Crazy 8s, that features special cards that add to the fun. Just like other games from the developer UNO, Stage 10, UNO is available for ages 7 and over, but younger children can still enjoy the game. It can even be a good game to increase numbers and colors.

What Does a Reverse UNO Card mean?

Uno Reverse Card is one of the strongest Uno memes games that everyone should know.

It is used to reverse the twists and turns of the game and has entered popular culture as a metaphor for the karmic cycle in which it all returns.

Reference to the Uno memes, which reverses the course of the game. It is used as an unquestionably final return.
Other Definitions of the reverse card uno

A card from the Mattel Uno card game that is the physical embodiment of the no u reverse card answer used to return the insult to the offender.
In one case, this card immediately reversed the course of play and put pressure on the player who was playing right before you.

A stronger rebuttal than the already strong uno reverse card no u answer. realizing that you are not what you should be, but the person who told you the truth.

What is the origin of the Uno Reverse Card?

Urban Dictionary added it to its main archive in 2018 when user Coolkid87611 added a definition of the card as “Improved no u uno card” using the example of insulting a friend who in turn flipped the card and killed the perpetrator.

How is the reverse Uno card spread?

Less than a month after entering Urban Dictionary, a photo of the inverted map was uploaded to Imgur with the words no u reverse card on it.

The Reddit thread was launched in October 2018, dedicated to people who have experienced the power, fame and destructive power of the Uno Reverse Card.

One of the subreddit’s most popular memes is the epic handshake, which shows the similarities between the back of the beaten no u uno card and the enchanted back card.

Often referred to as a “No U” non-reversed card, is a statement you make after someone else tells you they will harm you. That’s what makes them.


The goal of reverse card UNO is to be the first to play the last card in your hand. The joy of UNO is a requirement, reverse card uno! when you get the last card. If you play multiple games, the winner is the player with the lowest score.

112 cards as follows:

Light side (white border): 18 blue cards

  • 1 to 9 18 green cards
  • 1 to 9 18 red cards
  • to 9 18 yellow cards
  • 1 to 9 8 Card images
  • 2 in blue, green, red and yellow
  • 8 reverse cards
  • 2 blue, green, red and yellow cards, 8 jump cards
  • 2 blue, green, red and yellow cards 8 reverse cards
  • 2 blue, green, red and yellow cards 4 wild cards
  • 4 Two Sided wild draw

Dark side (black border)

  • 18 pink cards
  • 1 to 9 18 teal cards
  • 1 to 9 18 orange cards
  • 1 to 9 18 purple cards
  • 1 to 9 8 Draw five cards
  • 2 each pink, teal, orange and purple 8 Inverted cards
  • 2 in pink, juvenile, orange and purple 8 Skip all cards
  • 2 in pink, teal, orange and purple 8 Flip
  • 2 in pink, teal, orange and purple
  • 4 Wild Cards 4 Wild Wild Draw Cards

How to set up a game

The dealer is determined by shuffling the deck and each player who draws a card. The player with the most noteworthy number on the card is the dealer. When a player draws a special card that has no numbers, i.e. wild card, the player must put the card back on the deck floor and draw a new card.

If two or more players draw the same large number, those players must put those cards back on the deck and draw new cards until one player draws higher than the other.

After selecting the dealer, each player is dealt seven cards. The remaining cards are placed face down. These cards are called a “pile draw”. The dealer takes the first card on the deck and places it face up on the side of the deck. If this card is Wild or Series 4 Wild, it is placed in the center of the pile and a new card is drawn.

The player to the left of the dealer is the first to play unless the original card that is dealt is the reverse hand. UNO Reverse is considered active even if the player has not played it. So this is the guy to the right of the dealer.

The general rule of thumb is to change dealers when playing multiple UNO hands and move the dealer clockwise from the last dealer to the person on the left. If you are playing with young children, an alternative to drawing the highest card is to allow the youngest child to be the original dealer.

How to play Reverse UNO card

The gameplay in UNO is that each player takes turns. It consists of matching the top card face up on the deck or playing one of the special cards.

  • At the beginning of the turn, the player can combine the number or color of the card face up with the card in his hand. If the cards match, the game is continued on to the next player.
  • If a player does not have matching cards but has Wild Cards or Wild Cards Draw 4 in hand, he can play those cards. With placeholders, players can choose any color.
  • The player must take the top card from the draw if he cannot play the cards from his hand. If the drawn card cannot be played, they continue to draw cards from the deck until they can play the card.
  • The player does not need to play the matching cards from his hand. You can choose to play a wild card or take a new card from the deck to draw.
  • If the player wants to draw cards, he must continue to draw until he receives playing cards. You cannot play the cards that are originally in your hand after you decide to take a card from the pile.
  • As soon as the player finds the card face up, the game continues on to the next player. At the start of the game, play continues clockwise to the left of the player.
  • As the name suggests, the reverse card changes the direction of the next player from left to right or from right to left.
  • The flipped card played in a two-person game acts as a pass card.

When the last card is drawn from the draw pile, all cards played except the top card must be shuffled and used as a new draw pile. This can be done as many times as necessary so that one will not get a card in the hand.

Special card

The excitement of UNO are all the special cards that can change the game in an instant. These cards give the play a certain strategy which would otherwise be lottery luck. On some decks, these cards are only marked with symbols. Another deck also wrote the name of the special card.

  • Reverse: This card reverses the order of play, changing from left to right or right to left. Great for stopping players from playing cards. Reversal uses a symbol where two arrows are superimposed in opposite directions. The reverse card has a color and can only be played face up in that color.
  • Skip: This card causes the following individual to lose their turn. The game continues on to the next player as if he or she has completed a turn. In a two player game, you can use this card to quickly make another move. The symbol used for jumping is usually a circle with a line running through it. The pass has a color and can only be played with this color face up.
  • Series 2: This card forces the next player to draw two cards and skip the move as if it were a jump card. This card uses the “+2” symbol. It is one color and can only be played if the cards facing up are of the same color.
  • Wild: With this card, players can play any color or number – also on other wild cards. They also juggle colors for wild cards, forcing subsequent players to use those colors to play. The placeholder can be played even if the player has another playable card. Placeholders are usually black and contain all four colors. If the Wild Card or Wild Draw 4 card is the first card that appears in the game, the first player can choose the suit.
  • Wild Draw 4: This card forces the next player to draw four cards and pass their turn as if it were a jump card. Unlike Wild Cards, Wild Draw 4 cards cannot be played if the player has cards of the same color and / or number as the face cards. This card looks like a wild card with a “+4” symbol.

UNO ReverseHow to win the game

The player must say uno reverse card no u before playing his last card. If a player has only one card in hand and another player says “UNO meme“, the player must draw four new cards from the pile before it is the next player’s turn.

If it is the player’s next turn and nothing says uno reverse card no u, the game continues as if the original player said uno reverse card meme. They weren’t forced to draw a new card because they didn’t say “UNO meme”. It is the player’s turn when he combines the card face up with the cards from his deck, plays a wild card, or selects a card from the deck to draw. Once they start to draw from the pile of raffles, players can no longer shout uno reverse card memes.

Calling “UNO meme” doesn’t win the game. The player must play his last card. If they can’t play the last card, they must take a card from the pile until they can play. You may have multiple UNOs before the game is won.

If the winning card is a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card, the next player must draw the card before the game ends. These cards are used for grading.

How to score

The official rules state that the game is won when the first person reaches 500 points. The winner is the person with the lowest number of points at that time. The house rules can change the number of points required to finish the game from 500 to another number.

At the end of each game, all cards are collected and a score for that game is recorded and added up to determine if a player has exceeded the 500 point mark.

  • All numbered cards show their face value (0 to 9).
  • 2 cards to turn over, turn over and draw each worth 20 points.
  • Wild Cards and Wild Draw 4 are worth 50 points each.

The general rule of the house for marking and determining the overall winner is to eliminate players whose total score reaches 500 or more, but continues to play until all players are eliminated in this manner.

For more family card fun, War, Snap, Beggar My Neighbor and Memory can be played with standard card games and are suitable for children.

UNO Rules

Deals At the start of the game, each player receives 7 cards (blind). The rest of the cards face down – this is the “Widdie” pile. The top card of the “Widdie” pile is turned over, placed next to the first card of the “Discard” pile and becomes that card.

The player must warn that he still has cards and the game will be over soon. If the player places the penultimate card (even though he hasn’t played it yet), he should have time to say “UNO!” Receive. (which means “one” in Italian). If the player isn’t, “great companions” (or companions) may take note and say “UNO!” Withdrawal.

Friends must have the time since the player drops the penultimate card before the next player starts turning (draws a card or draws a card from the deck). Forget it, the player who didn’t say “Uno!” Over time, he takes two cards (blindly) from the “Widdie” pile.

Note: Players are not allowed to hide the number of cards in their hand (i.e. collect the pile or hide under the table). Friends should always know the number of cards to help forgetful gamblers.


  • The game starts “clockwise”. The first player chases the dealer (the dealer changes each round, usually clockwise). During his turn, players have the right to lay down cards on the “Decline” deck according to the following rules:
  • Or the cards must be the same color.
  • Either the card must have the same number or image (active) or an active black card.
  • If no cards are matched, the player draws a card from the “Widdie” (blind) pile. If the card meets the above conditions – the player can put a card in the “Decline” deck, if he is not satisfied – the player leaves the card, says “Pass” and it is turn to go to the next player.
  • The game continues until one of the players discards all cards. Then the points from the other cards are counted (the value of the cards is shown in the Types of cards section, the winner is determined based on the result of several rounds – the winning clause).

Active UNO reverse card meme

“Skip”: it is not the turn of the next player. The only way a player can “save” himself from the action of these cards is by showing cards that are exactly the same (same color, same picture). by intervening.

Take Two
“Take Two”: The next player takes two cards from the “Widdie” (blind) deck and passes his turn. Players can “save” from this card action by showing a “Take Two” card (it can be any color).

The actions of the “Take Two” cards are not grouped together, and the last player from whom “chains” to suspend “Take Two” cards simply takes two cards from the “Wide” pile and skips their turn.
Reverse card
“Reverse card “: The course of turn is reversed. The direction of rotation is reversed. For example “clockwise”, after inserting the card upside down, the uno will be “counterclockwise”. When multiple “back” cards are opened, their actions will be grouped together.

For example, two “back” cards have no effect – movement continues in the same direction as before, three “back” cards change the direction of the spin in the opposite direction, and so on.

Color Picker
“Color Picker”: This option allows you to change the color of the current player (for everyone, including the current color). The next player must place each card of the suit shown. To display a “Pick a color” card, players don’t need special conditions, unlike the next card “Pick one color and pick four”.
Choose one color and take four
“Choose one color and take four”: Can be displayed by the player alternately and only if the player (player-1) does not have the current color (current number / active card / active card black can choose the color and must be the current color one ) do not care, the main thing is the lack of color at the moment).

At the same time when inserting this card, you need to choose a color (it can be anything, including the current color). The next player (Player 2) draws four cards (blindly) from the “Widdie” deck and passes his turn.

Player-2 can only “save” action on this card after he or she has inserted a “Get Two” card of the newly ordered color (then everything goes as usual with the standard “Get Two” action).

Check the honesty. If Player 2, whose action is “Choose suit and take four” suspects that he has been fooled and Player 1, who revealed this card, is actually his current suit, he may ask Player -1 to show the card.

If the suspicion is confirmed, Player 1 takes back the “Pick color and draw four” card, takes four cards from the “Widdie” (blind) pile, skips the move (actually “Pick a color and draw.” If the suspicion is unsuccessful, Player 2 takes four cards. from Widdie’s deck and two more no-confidence cards and missed a turn.


In case of a lot of mistakes and indifference, additional rules can be applied – for every misplaced card, every wrong cry, etc. The player draws two cards from the “widdie” (blind) pile.

You can choose not to play playing cards out of your hand. In this case, you need to download the card from the DRAW deck. If playable, this card can be played, but you are not allowed to play a card from your hand after it has been drawn.


Regardless of whether you are playing the light side or the dark side, when you are playing the penultimate card, you must call “UNO” (which means “one”) to indicate that you only have one card left. If you don’t shout “UNO” and are caught before it is the next player’s turn, you must draw two cards.

Once the player runs out of cards, the round ends. Points are collected (see POINTS) and the game is restarted. If the last card played in an act is Series One, Series Five, Series Two Wild, or Series Wild Color, the next player must draw one, five, two or until they have a suit selected.

These cards are counted as points are added up. If neither player runs out of cards during the DRAW stack, the DISCARD stack is moved and play continues. You can learn how to discord text formatting

UNO reverse card FAQS

What are the rules for uno reverse cards?

The basic rules of Uno reverse cards are easy to understand, which is what makes this game so popular.

What are the house rules at Uno reverse card?

The Uno House Rules are rules agreed upon by you and your colleagues and are modifications of the Official Rules. This means that the house rules will differ from house to house.

If you ask us, this is one of the best things about Uno reverse Card. The house rules can make the game suitable for the players playing. This can be easier if you have younger children or more proficient if you are playing with older players.

While some may find it confusing, we think this is one of the things that made the Uno reverse card so popular.

How old are you to play UNO reverse card meme love?

7 years is a recommendation. However, we know a 5 year old who plays it pretty well. Uno reverse card is quite easy to learn and understand, making it the perfect game for both kids and adults.

How do you choose a player for uno reverse card meme love?

A novice player is the person next to the dealer. How to Choose a Dealer It’s easy to pick a novice player on a Uno reverse card. Sit in a circle. Each player draws a card (should we tell you that cards must be face down?), and the player with the highest card is the dealer. The dealer of the player shuffles the cards and gives 7 cards to each player.

What if you don’t say uno reverse card meme love?

Worst case scenario, if you don’t say Uno, you have to draw cards. The rules dictate 4 cards, but many players play two cards as a penalty. But in the best case scenario, no one notices and nothing happens. We hope you can play your last card and win!

Worst and best case scenario not to say Uno depends on other players. You have to show that you didn’t say “Uno reverse card“. If so, you will need to download the map. Otherwise, you are in the starting area of ​​the circle.

In other words, if you don’t call the Uno reverse card when you have one card left, there are two possible scenarios.

At least one of your opponents calls you and you must draw a penalty card (official rules say four cards, while many people play with a two-card penalty). No one notices or calls you, in which case nothing happens and you can win the game.

What happens if two players say Uno done at the same time?

Nothing happens. This is an impossible scenario when playing by the Official Rules. However, if you play by house rules that allow for an “in” (or similar) rule, this can actually happen! Let’s consider both scenarios:

  • Official Rules: Because only one player can play at a time, only one player can “First! at a time.
  • House Rules: House entry rules and similar versions allow anyone to jump while playing cards. In a scenario where two players place their last card at about the same time and both shout “Uno!” At the same time, nothing happens.

This is because it doesn’t matter if you shout “Uno”; it only matters if you don’t (because you can get a tie for a penalty).

Is there a penalty for summoning a fake Uno?

No punishment. There is no official rule in the regulations that prohibits this. However, we don’t think it’s a good sport to do!

Can you set different colors in Uno?

Not! Sorry, but the same goes for any kind of setup. You cannot set a different color on the Uno reverse card or any other type of setting. We, of course, refer to the official rules; what you decide is up to you! We promise not to tell anyone if you decide to run… because sometimes we do!

So as a participant you can play only one card at a time. However, the next player can play a different suit if the symbols or numbers match, which of course is how you play the game!

Can you pick and play Uno?

The 7-0 or 7-0 rules at Uno reverse card are not official rules but a fun way to mix up the game and make it more fun. It’s very simple and you can swap or change the numbers as you like:

Playing card number 7: This allows you to exchange hands with other players.

Playing card number 0: Forces all players to swap hands! All players take their hands and pass them in order.

What does a reverse card look like?

An inverted map is a map with two arrows pointing in opposite directions. The Uno Reverse card is available in four different colors.

The uno reverse card has also become very popular due to the uno reverse card meme.

Can you snap hands on Uno at the end?

The official rules do not specify whether you can use a hand swap card as the last card. So that’s a question for you to answer.

You can look at it in two different ways.

  • You can’t use it as the last card, because if you use it, you can’t exchange cards with your opponent because you don’t have any left. Did you win the game or the opponent (because you traded your bare hands for the opponent’s cards)?
  • You can use it because you played it and you ran out of cards and therefore the game is over.

In the original Uno, you can use any Uno card to complete the game. If