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FCBanking means First Commonwealth Financial Corporation is a First Financial Company is a financial services company based in Pennsylvania, first commonwealth bank indiana pa, especially in the center of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Columbus.

The first commonwealth bank worked for a long time in the central area of Pennsylvania, but began to develop in the west. Pittsburgh’s first state, especially in the 2000s (10 years).

In 2016, banks bought several banks based in fc bank ohio, which raised footprints. It is currently the fifth largest bank with financial services of PNC Financial Services, Citizens’ Financial Services, Niagara (Niagara) First and the fifth largest financial relationship behind bank banking banks.

The first commonwealth bank shared expenditure is one of the strongest banks that have not received autumn funds.

First commonwealth bank Online

If you Willing to use a laptop to manage your finances, our digital bank provides you with convenience, accessibility and security at your fingertips.

In addition, if you also decide to use our mobile application, you will have a seamless experience no matter what device you choose.

FCbanking Online Banking Platform

A comprehensive FCBanking online platform can also help you simplify your business’ cash management. In addition to the obvious benefits of avoiding long lines in front of ATMs and being able to log in through the website at any time to conduct banking operations, the online banking platform also provides other benefits for business owners:

  • The ability to check balances from a computer or mobile device at any time
  • Electronic payments and invoices
  • Easily transfer funds between accounts
  • Automatic configuration of recurring payments or fund transfers
  • Ability to monitor investments, savings and credit lines
  • Electronic reminders and alerts about your accounts payable, accounts receivable and accounts

Personalize your online banking experience With first commonwealth bank first commonwealth bank login Login

Personalize the dashboard area so that the content that is most important to you is displayed first. Just scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard tab and select “Organize Dashboard”.

You can choose the order in which the accounts are displayed, and choose the areas you use most often, such as transfers and deposits.

  • Make and schedule payments: Use the “Payments” tab to pay bills without stamping. You can add payees, schedule payments in advance, and check the calendar to see everything you schedule. You can cancel the invoice or edit recipient information at any time, such as address or account time or recurring transfers.
  • Recurring transfer: You can transfer money between First Commonwealth Bank accounts, or you can add external accounts. As with payments, you can view the calendar of upcoming transfers and edit or change them at any time.
  • Know your complete financial status: Using FCbanking login personal financial management tool Money Manager, you can always know your complete financial status with just one click. The money manager is your one-stop place to view all accounts, set savings goals, set budgets, and more.

FCBanking online banking login for Internet Banking Now

FCbanking login Registration is easy-just enter login in your browser and select “First time here? Register now”.

If you need help, please call 800.711.BANK (2265) from Monday to Friday at 7:00 AM. 9:00 pm and weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm You can also chat with us in real time on this website by clicking the berry button at the bottom right corner of any page at these times, or send an email to

FCbanking online banking login for Personal account for the first time

Visit your first commonwealth bank login online banking login steps:

  • Visit login.
  • Use the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome or Safari to access online banking.
  • For personal accounts, your online banking ID is your Santander username. Your temporary online banking password is the last four digits of your social security number. For corporate accounts, your online banking ID will be a combination of your Santander company ID and your user ID. For example, if your company ID is “AA123” and your user ID is “admin”, then your new online banking ID at First Commonwealth will be AA123admin.
  • Your temporary online banking password is the last four digits of your business tax number. If you do not have a social security number or tax ID, please refer to the letter sent in August or call our participation center (customer service) at 800-711-BANK (2265) for assistance in accessing your account. If your current username exceeds 25 characters, it will only use the first 25 characters. In most cases, your online banking username will not change. If our username changes, we will contact you directly.
  • For personal accounts, review and accept the online banking agreement. For corporate accounts, you will be prompted to do this the second time you log in.
  • Create a new password of 7 to 25 characters, which can be any combination of numbers and letters. Symbols can also be used.
    Select the watermark image from the image selection.
  • Choose and provide answers to the three verification questions, then enter your primary contact phone number. These can be used for security purposes to verify online activity. You can also receive a call from us to provide you with a one-time code instead of the SMS you may be accustomed to using Santander.
  • Please confirm and update your email address.
  • Create questions and answers to reset your password. This can be utilized on the off chance that you fail to remember your secret key.

FCbanking login Personal account online banking for the Existing users;

Fcbanking existing users-enter your online banking ID below, then click to login.

New users-select “register now” to become an online banking member! Options in the upper right corner of this page. Through online banking, you will try a variety of convenient services, including:

  • Visit login
  • Use your account information 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere
  • Easily pay bills online, and anyone can send and withdraw money from other First Commonwealth accounts, external savings Accounts, or directly with people I know
  • Full access to all your financial accounts through financial providers, including savings, checks, debit cards and investment information
  • Comprehensive personal financial management tools can really help you with long-term budgeting, transaction classification and organization

Load the following URL:


Can’t log in now? You can reset your password
Following the steps below

  • Visit login
  • Click Forgot password
  • Please answer the given required fields
  • Click Always continue
  • Follow the steps on the screen to achieve.

Still can’t log in now?

If you need help with the FCBanking online banking login (1st commonwealth bank) process, please contact FCBank Convenience Banking Center directly at 1-800-711-BANK (2265) TTY / TDD Hearing and Speech Impairment Service 1-877-816 -1801 Bookmark this website for future reference.

We always try to update it with the new version of FCBanking Login so that you can have enough information to process your query.


As an additional security feature, you will be asked where you would like to receive the verification code during the registration process. You can choose to verify via SMS, phone, or via the Authy app.

This process is called 2-factor authentication, and it happens every time you use a new device or reset the cookies on your device. Please be aware that we will never ask for your login credentials like username and password.

Visit our fraud center for ongoing information to keep your information confidential, well, confidential.

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