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Raise your hand that you love Panera Bread with mac and cheese. I know your hand goes up, especially when you are enjoying a nice bowl of bread with it. Always looking for ways to improve its panera menu.

Everyone who has eaten at the Panera Bread menu knows how delicious a hot bowl of poppy seeds and cheese is, whether it’s for panera bread breakfast, lunch or dinner menu. While the dishes are arguably the best on the panerabread menu, Panera has some delicious new options in a completely new dinner-oriented menu.

Panera’s new dinner menu offers delicious, healthy and homemade food and includes ten handcrafted products that can be ordered from 16:30 to 22:00. every day starting in Lexington, Kentucky and Providence, RI.

Among the dinners to order, patrons will find artisanal breads (steaks are sure to be a crowd favorite, yes we try), hot sandwiches, and bowls for dinner in panera’s menu.

Let us see more about Panera Bread | panera bread menu

panera menu
Panera Bread Company is an American fast food restaurant chain with more than 2,000 locations in the US and Canada. Headquartered in Sunset Hills, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. The company operates as the Saint Louis Bread Company in the St. Louis region. Louis is greater and has more than 100 locations.

Offers include baked goods, pastas, salads, sandwiches, soups and specialty drinks. Starting in 2020, pizza with flatbread will also be on the panera’s menu.

Panera Bread Co. runs retail cafe houses under the trade names Panera Bread, Saint Louis Bread Co. and Paradise Bakery & Cafe. He worked in three divisions: Bakery-Cafe Company Operations, Franchise Operations and Resilient Product Operations and More.

The Bakery-Cafe Operations segment offers freshly baked goods, bespoke sandwiches with freshly baked bread, soups and salads, bespoke roasted coffee, and other complementary products through local sales and catering.

The Franchise Operations segment consists of the operations of the Franchise division, which provides licenses to eligible operators to run a business under the name PaneraBread menu or Paradise Bakery & Cafe.

The Fresh Dough & Other Product Operations segment deals with supply chain management, supplying fresh dough, leafy vegetables, tuna, cream cheese, and supplies confectionery to its bakeries and franchises through production contract agreements.

The company was founded by Ronald M. Shaich and Louis I. Kane in March 1981 and is headquartered in St. Petersburg. Louis, Missouri.

What panera bread menu with prices offers panera lunch menu?

Panera menu offers a wide variety of pastries and baked goods such as pretzels, brownies, cakes, croissants, muffins and muffins. They were usually baked in the oven by the scribe before dawn, along with Panera artisan bread.

Apart from the bakery, Panera offers a regular evening menu with breads, paninis, Panera Kids, pasta, Panera bread salads, Panera sandwiches, panera bread breakfast menu, panera bread lunch menu, side dishes and Panera soups as well as coffee, espresso, frozen drinks, fruit smoothies, hot chocolate and iced drinks, lattes, lemonade and tea.

Over the past 23 years as a public company from 1997 to 2020, it was the best performing restaurant, generating 86 times returns for shareholders.

panera bread menu prices

On the flatbread for dinner menu, you can choose between Margherita Artisan flatbreads with fresh mozzarella and fountain, tomato bell sauce, red grape tomatoes and fresh basil.

Blue cheese and steak steak, prepared with steak, grass fed, blue cheese, fresh mozzarella and fountain, garlic cream sauce, caramelized shallots, rocket and sweet balsamic glaze; and the Chipotle Chicken & Bacon Artisan Flatbread, made with smoked chicken, bacon slices, garlic cream sauce, fresh and fountain mozzarella, red wine, fresh coriander and chipotle aioli.

Like the classic Panera menu, the dinner version doesn’t disappoint either. Both the grilled pastrami sandwich and the Tuscan grilled chicken sandwich are served hot and delicious.

Are you looking for foods that are less carb-based (even without carbs, of course)? Choose from one of the Panera bowls, including the teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowls (lifestyle editor Delish Madison Flager compares them to a “healthy Panda Express meal”) and a bowl of pesto chicken.

With more dishes on the menu – including broccoli parmesan, sweet potato puree, and cucumber salad with basil and tomatoes – it’s time for this menu to appear everywhere! My stomach is rumbling.

Let us see some of the food items on the Panera menu.

Best panera menu with prices breakfast menu pdf

panera menu pdf
Panera bread is more than just fresh toast and soup. Currently they have a full menu for breakfast! Just as we’ve reviewed health options from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s in the past, today we’re going to review the best Panera breakfast options for health options on the go. Keep in mind that sodium is always a problem with eating, but you can still find relatively healthy options if you are careful. Let’s dive!

Panera Bread’s firm sandwich is a great choice. They contain a lot of fiber from sprouted whole wheat bread and lean protein. Either option would be a good choice, but I would recommend the avocado, egg white, and spinach panera bread sandwiches for heart-healthy fat in nutritious avocado and thick spinach.

Panera’s breakfast menu is divided into three parts: Panera bread sandwiches, soufflé with fried egg and parfait, fruit cups and oatmeal. Let’s start with a sandwich:

Steel oatmeal with apple and pecan chips panera’s menu

Steel wheat flakes topped with cinnamon topped with breaded Panera bread, toasted pecans, and apple chips. Calories: 370 Price: $ 4.99

Bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese on brioche bread paneras menu

Brioche bread with white Vermont cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, salt and pepper in between. Calories: 470, Price: $ 4.99

Bacon, scrambled eggs, and ciabatta cheese panara menu

This delicious sandwich features Vermont white cheddar cheese, bacon, scrambled eggs, and salt, and artisan ciabatta pepper. Calories: 460, Price: $ 4.99

Ham, egg, and cheese sandwich panera menu prices

Light eggs with Vermont white cheddar cheese, lean smoked ham, salt and pepper on farm-baked panera bread. Calories: 310, Price: $ 4.99

Ham, scrambled eggs, and cheese panera bread sandwiches bread co menu

Farmers’ bread with salt and pepper, scrambled eggs, Vermont white cheddar cheese and handmade ham in between. Calories: 330, Price: $ 4.99

A ham, egg, cheese, and grilled tomato sandwich

These include artisanal ham, white Vermont cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes, salt, black pepper, and farm-style smoked peppers. Calories: 320, Price: $ 5.29

Sausage, egg and cheese on brioche bread

Brios with sausage, light eggs, white Vermont cheddar cheese, salt and pepper in between. Calories: 550, Price: $ 4.99

Sausage, scrambled egg, and cheese on brioche bread

Scrambled eggs, white Vermont cheddar cheese, sausage, salt and pepper between brioche bread. Calories: 570, Price: $ 4.99

Sausage, scrambled eggs, and ciabatta cheese

It comes with scrambled eggs, white Vermont cheddar cheese, sausage, salt, and pepper on Artisan Ciabatta bread. Calories: 560, Price: $ 4.99

Egg and cheese on brioche bread

Simple eggs and white cheddar cheese from Vermont in between freshly baked brioche bread. Calories: 390, Price: $ 3.99

Scrambled eggs and brioche cheese bread

In between salt, pepper, scrambled eggs and Vermont white cheddar cheese. Calories: 410, Price: $ 3.99

Scrambled eggs and ciabatta cheese

Artisan Ciabatta Sandwich with Scrambled Eggs, Salt, Pepper, and Vermont White Cheddar Cheese. Calories: 400, Price: $ 3.99

Panera bread steak & white cheddar panini on artisan ciabatta

Grilled steak, white Vermont cheddar, pickled onions, and radish sauce over artisanal ciabatta.

Sandwich for breakfast with avocado, egg whites, and spinach

Avocado, egg whites, spinach, Vermont white cheddar cheese, tomatoes, salt and pepper on a bagel. You can customize your sandwich by choosing bread. Calories: 410, Price: $ 4.99

Sandwich with steak and egg

Bagels with steak, light eggs, salt, pepper, and Vermont cheddar cheese in between. With Panera, you can customize it with the bread of your choice. Calories: 550, Price: $ 5.99

Souffle with fried egg panara bread menu

The Panera Bread breakfast menu includes four souffles with fried egg, all of which sound fantastic.

Four cheese souffles

Fresh Souffle with delicious egg, Romano, Parmesan, Neufchâtel and Cheddar cheese mix. Calories: 410, Price: $ 4.89

Spinach and bacon soufflé

Fresh Souffle with a delicious mix of Panera eggs, spinach, cheddar cheese, bacon and Tabasco sauce. Calories: 550, Price: $ 4.89

Ham and Swiss souffle

Freshly baked soufflé made from a mixture of Panera Breads breakfast eggs, artisanal ham and Swiss Emmental cheese. Calories: 450, Price: $ 4.89

Spinach and Artichoke Souffle

An appetizing soup, freshly baked, made with the popular breakfast mix egg, spinach, Romano cheese, paprika, artichoke heart, garlic and Tabasco sauce. Calories: 520, Price: $ 4.89

Parfait, fruit cup and bowl with oatmeal

Probably the healthiest part of a chain breakfast menu.

  • Steel oatmeal with apple and pecan chips: Cooked oatmeal flour is garnished with cinnamon, apple chips and roasted pecans. Calories: 370, Price: $ 4.89
  • Steel oatmeal with almonds and quinoa: Cooked oatmeal flour with quinoa, roasted (chopped) almonds, cinnamon and honey. Calories: 300, Price: $ 4.89
  • Steel oatmeal with strawberries and pecans: Oatmeal flour cooked with strawberries, crunchy cinnamon, and pecans. Calories: 340, Price: $ 4.89
  • A cup of fresh fruit: A full glass of fresh fruit. Warning: very healthy. Calories: 60, Price: $ 3.29
  • Greek yogurt with mixed fruit parfait: Panera Bread Breakfast Parka includes Greek yogurt with maple muesli pecan, honey, oatmeal, fresh strawberries and blueberries. Calories: 300, Price: $ 4.29.

Panera salads

Panera salads

Greek Panera salads

Whole (410 cal.), Half (210 cal.) Of romaine, grape tomato, feta, shallot, kalamata olives, salt and pepper, put in a Greek sauce with chilies. Allergens: contain milk. Price $ 6.09 +

Caesar Panera salads:

Whole (330 cal.), Half (170 cal.) Romaine, Parmesan and homemade crocodiles made from black pepper focaccia, sprinkled with Caesar dressing. Allergens: contains wheat, milk, eggs, fish. $ 6.09 +

Caesar Panera bread salads with chicken

Whole (470 cal.), Half (230 cal.) Without antibiotics chickens are used, reddish, parmesan and black pepper focaccia, sprinkled with a Caesar dressing. Allergens: contains wheat, milk, eggs, fish. $ 7.79 +

Asian Sesame Panera Bread Salads with Chicken

Whole (430 cal.), Half (220 cal.) Chicken without antibiotics, mixed greens, coriander, roasted almonds, sesame and wonton strips in an Asian sesame vinaigrette. Allergens: contains wheat, tree nuts. May contain eggs. $ 7.79 +

Ranch Panera Bread salads from southwest Chile with chicken

Whole (680 cal.), Half (340 cal.) Chicken without antibiotics, red, rocket, black beans and corn salsa, fresh coriander and a mass of french fries, put in lemon chilli and covered with feta and avocado. Allergens: contain milk, eggs. $ 8.69 +

Spicy Thai salad with chicken

Whole (490 cal.), Half (240 cal.) NOW WITH ALMONDS. Antibiotic-free chicken, red wine, almonds, roasted edamame, a mixture of pepper and carrots, coriander and dumplings, sprinkled with Thai chili vinaigrette and Sprinkled with peanut sauce. Allergens: contains wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts. May contain eggs. $ 7.79 +

Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken

Whole (580 cal.), Half (290 cal.) Chicken, no antibiotics, rocket, rye, kale and a mixture of red leaves, grape tomatoes, shallots, roasted pecans, gorgonzola and apple chips, balsamic vinaigrette tossed with sweet white. Allergens: contains milk, tree nuts. $ 7.79 +

Green Goddess Cobb Salad with Chicken

Whole (530 cal.), Half (260 cal.) Chicken without antibiotics, rocket, rye, kale and a mixture of red leaves, grape tomatoes and pickled shallots, put in a freshly made sauce from Green Goddess and topped with avocado, bacon – and boiled eggs without a cage. Allergens: contain milk, eggs. $ 8.69 +

BBQ Chicken Salad

Whole chicken (520 cal.), Half (260 cal.), Raised without antibiotics, reddish, black bean and corn salsa, dumped on the grill, garnished with curly shallots and topped with an apple cider vinegar barbecue sauce. Allergens: contains wheat, milk, eggs. $ 7.79 +

Panera Sandwiches

The Panera menu has everything from panini to flatbread sandwiches and many delicious dishes. Here’s the catch: because of the ingredients that are high in fat and high in sodium, large sandwiches are often a bad choice. Halving a sandwich keeps your diet under control, and you can have a balanced diet with healthy supplements like apples, baked potato chips, or half a salad.

To keep fat under control, choose lean sandwiches like roasted turkey and tuna, or skip meat and vegetables. If you crave creamy cheese or mayonnaise, try substituting avocado, which is high in healthy fats but less sodium. The more basic the bread, the better – whole grain bread, sourdough dough, and sprouted “flat” bagels are all solid foods. Some of the Panera sandwiches are:

  • Mediterranean Vegetarian
  • Sandwich with tuna salad
  • Turkey sandwich
  • Classic grilled cheese
  • Napa sandwich with chicken and almond salad
  • Bravo Turkey Sandwich
  • Modern caprese sandwich
  • Frontega Grilled Chicken
  • Melted Chipotle Chicken Avocado
  • Roasted Turkey and Avocado Flowers
  • Smokehouse Bbq Chicken Sandwich
  • Chipotle Bacon Melt

Panera soup menu and mac

  • Ten Vegetable Soup – Group
  • Bistro French Onion Soup – Group
  • Cream Of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup – Group
  • Creamy Tomato Soup – Group
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – Group
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup – Group
  • Turkey Chili – Group
  • Vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup – Group
  • Mac & Cheese – Group
  • Broccoli Cheddar Mac & Cheese – Group

Panera soup schedule

  • MONDAY: French onions, cheddar broccoli, corn soup, roasted potatoes, garden vegetables, lemon and chicken orzo, cream tomatoes, chicken noodles
  • TUESDAY: French onions, broccoli, cheddar cheese, black beans, corn powder, wild chicken, and rice, lemon and orzo chicken, tomatoes, chicken noodles
  • WEDNESDAY: French onions, broccoli chips, corn soup, baked potato, garden vegetables, lemon and chicken orzo, cream tomatoes, chicken noodles
  • THURSDAY: French onions, broccoli, cheddar cheese, black beans, corn powder, wild chicken, and rice, lemon and orzo chicken, tomatoes, chicken noodles.
  • FRIDAY: French onions, broccoli cheddar cheese, corn soup, clam shells, garden vegetables, lemon orzo chicken, cream tomatoes, chicken noodles
  • SATURDAY: French onions, broccoli cheddar cheese, black beans, corn soup, baked potato, lemon and chicken orzo, cream tomatoes, chicken noodles
  • SUNDAY: French onions, cheddar broccoli, black beans, corn soup, wild chicken and rice, lemon and chicken orzo, cream tomatoes, chicken noodles

Panera bread menu prices

Considering the quality of the food, the Panera bread menu price is not too expensive on the pocket. Panera bread menu prices are in accordance with the Lion’s Choice menu prices. So, without waiting any longer, let’s take a peek at the latest panera bread menu pdf and its prices.

Panera bread menu prices visit the link given Here you can see the panera bread menu with prices.

Panera menu pdf printable

Panera bread menu pdf is a fast food chain that empathizes with freshly baked food. All the franchise’s baked goods are freshly baked daily. The restaurant donates unsold grilled food to a hunger relief organization. The shop offers a variety of groceries.

From cheese bread to green salad. From gluten free foods to chocolate chip cookies. This chain has about 1,800 locations worldwide. This is a public company. The franchise company is headquartered in Sunset Hills, Missouri.

Sales there were nearly $ 2 billion. The company employs about 40,100 people. In recent years, the chain has grown rapidly and is growing every day. For details on Panera menu pdf printable: follow the link or This link also helps you with the panera menu and panera bread menu with prices.


At Panera Bread, they believe in growing, serving and consuming healthy and beneficial food for you. For us, this means food has to be clean, honest, and prepared exactly the way you like it. And of course in a warm and welcoming environment.

We will be at the forefront of providing the food, service and experience our guests expect from Panera. As we continue to grow, it means new opportunities for advancement as we love keeping our best people a part of the family.

Now you can Calculatrice the paner price.

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