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Dinar guru blogspot) is the currency used in several Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria, Kuwait, Iraq and Tunisia. In Roman times, the dinar was called dinarguru. Of all the countries using the dinar, Iraq was the first to achieve independence as a modern state with the dinar.

Iraq’s modern history is not beautiful: among the violent revolutions drawn by the Hashemite monarchy in the two Gulf Wars, there is an entire generation of Iraqis who have not experienced peace and stability.

Despite their struggles, the country continues, and despite all the violence and war, Iraq continues, with the recent iteration of their government striving to keep democratic institutions running through law and order, and most importantly, the economy.

The government continues to try to revive the Iraqi dinar, but unfortunately this has opened up the economy to unscrupulous traders who believe the market is ripe to take advantage of this advantage. And the best way to take advantage of an unstable economy is to trick people into investing in the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) with the promise that it will eventually recover and cost more than they buy.

Most of these scams are perpetrated by “dinar guru blogspot“: self-appointed forex experts who convince people that investing in the Iraqi Dinar is a profitable investment. Therefore, you shouldn’t fall in love with him.

Let us see this article to learn more about Dinares gurus.

Dinar Value | dinar guru

Dinar Value
1 Iraq dinar to usd is 0.00084, 1000 fils is equal to 20 dirhams, and the Iraqi dinargurublogspot value is divided into 20 dirhams. The central bank of Iraq has full authority to issue coins and banknotes in Iraq. The coins and banknotes show symbols of Islamic historical images.

Talking about the dinar value is like every country that uses the dinargurublogspot because its currency has its own fixed value. No two countries will have the same value until it is decided by a higher authority. It happened by chance, but we all know that every country has its own rules and regulations that have to be followed by people who were at any given time.

What is the dinar guru blogspot | dinar gurus?

 What is the Dinarguru.com?

Dinar guru.com is basically a website where you can get maximum information on your questions. People share their vast knowledge to give you facts about www.dinarguru.com.

Sometimes people can help you learn about your little one, emotional investment, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap as there are various scams out there today. In order to avoid such scams, the investor should find the truth for himself before investing any amount.

Iraqi dinar revalue RV keeps changing. Imagine that you invest a small amount and wait for the iraqi dinar revalue to respond to your investment, but you cannot see a change or increase in the amount invested.

What will happen? You will start to think that your small investment will be wasted, but actually your amount will not be wasted, but in fact it will increase over time. There is nothing definite about currency, your money is raised and you can find out from your dinarguru.

Nobody is an expert on dinar, but you can be honest and quick in your actions and work. Any changes, information, texts or intellectuals are updated in seconds. Dinares gurus will ultimately help you re-evaluate your amount by giving you the best possible information about your investment, big or small.

Dinarguru is the most trustworthy and reliable body, it has about 70,000 informed and trustworthy members and many more. The Iraqi dinar will definitely take some time or years to appreciate, but once your money is increased you will get the full return on the amount invested.

Answer because we know the Iraqi Dinar is real currency, but we cannot buy goods from the Dinar because it is not international. Latest news on iraqi dinar revalue is seen in dinares guru detectives.

Investing in the Iraqi dinares guru?

Investing in the Iraqi Dinar?
What does it mean if you invest in the Iraqi dinar? In simple terms, it is done in the same way as any other forex investment. You buy “x” Iraqi dinars (IQD) and pay “y” in US dollars (US dollars). Like buying stocks, bonds, or any other currency, you buy one dinar at a price and then expect the price to go up.

However, the real question is not only whether you can invest in that particular currency, but whether you should invest.

While it’s definitely not illegal to invest in the dinar or Iraqi currency, this is how con artists like Dinarik experts try to convince people that it’s a safe investment. Are They Doing Illegal? Again, isn’t that: getting someone to invest in something and doing it on purpose doesn’t break the law. Immoral, unethical and irresponsible, yes, but illegal? Not exactly.

Is this iraqi dinargurublogspot scam or Wise investment?

Financial scam usually has certain characteristics that can be identified with a little research:

  • If the system is managed and promoted by individual agents rather than well-known brokers, financial companies, or other companies, or
  • When there is strong unofficial promotion via internet calling / email / telemarketing, not open and honest marketing, or
  • When a trader promises excessive returns.

In the case of the planned Iraqi dinar scam investment, there may be additional caveats:

  • Leading banks (e.g. American banks) do not offer foreign exchange trading in Iraqi dinars
  • States such as Utah, Oklahoma and Alabama warn of such investments
  • The available supply contains a large difference between supply and demand.
  • Impractical considerations justify the Iraqi dinar as “a completely safe investment” and “a safe investment with high returns”.

All these factors raise doubts.

Iraqi Dinar guru Scams (IQD) | dinargurublog

Iraqi Dinar guru Scams (IQD)
Trading official currencies in the USD / IQD currency pair does not exist in practice. The major banks do not offer the Iraqi dinar for trade. The iraqui dinar can only be bought or sold through certain money changers who may or may not be legally registered.

As mentioned earlier, these exchangers or brokers usually charge a fee of 30% or more which is included in the exchange rate they offer. Therefore, buying and selling IQD can result in a 50% loss regardless of the exchange rate.
In 2012 Iraq plans to redefine its currency, but is not revaluing it. Without revaluation, the Iraqi dinar would not have appreciated in value.

Denomination occurs during high inflation when the old high denomination notes are converted into new low denomination notes by eliminating zeros to increase the purchasing power of the currency. Face value will not increase the IQD score.
Those who keep old records will likely only need to replace new ones. You will likely receive additional fees if you are outside Iraq.

An adjustment calculated from a country’s official exchange rate against a selected baseline such as gold or US dollars is known as a revaluation.

Dinar guru blogspot Scams Work

Has anyone turned to you as Dinarik’s teacher and told you about a miracle that could happen to you? Beware of Iraqi dinar scams. Let’s have a look

The hype about investing in the Iraqi dinar has been around for some time and is still going on. The sellers say that with the emergence of democracy in Iraq, the economy will develop and the value of the dinar will increase.

The reason is that now you can buy an Iraqi dinar for a few cents. Then it costs at least $ 2 after the UN recognizes the Iraqi currency. Like any other potential way to make money, the Iraqi dinar guru has created thousands of scammers posing as internet merchants.

They built a sophisticated website, added a Registered Dealer logo to it, and somewhere in small print was a disclaimer like “No Returns Policy”, “We are not an investment company” or “All sales are final, no refunds”. They didn’t even mention that dinars can only be bought in Iraq today.

The scammers admitted to being registered to sell Iraqi dinars but did not add that they were only registered with the government as money companies – nothing to do with IQD.

There are a few other important facts to keep in mind when considering a purchase.

Most of the other large economies in the world forbid bringing investments to the market without proper securities registrations. However, con artists claim that they are selling numismatic dinars as collectibles.

When merchants operate in the US, they register with the US Department of the Treasury as a Monetary Services Business (MSB) to make it legal. Note, however, that MSB is not an investment market. In general, don’t be fooled by the titles or tags that scammers use to earn trust.

Dinar gurus: How To Avoid

Iraqi dinar guru Scam: How To Avoid

Scammers are very difficult to spot, especially since millions of people around the world have bought the Iraqi dinar since 2003 when the new currency was introduced. With everyone hoping to make millions, you may even have friends who are already invested and their point of view will easily win your heart.

Forex trading is a highly specialized field. There are easier ways to make money.

How to Report Fraud With dinares gurus

Tell your family and friends about the Dinar Guru scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also report scammers officially to the Federal Trade Commission using the following link https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/?orgcode=SCAMDET.

Safe Dinar

SafeDinar.com has been in forex trading for over 16 years. Safe dinar company started serving customers who wanted to buy Iraqi dinars and then expanded to include those who wanted to sell Iraqi dinars. Today safe dinar exchanges more than a dozen currencies with many others on request.

Safedinar offers the highest level of service and strives to meet the expectations of every customer. They do not offer investment or financial advice – they only run businesses that allow our clients to buy and sell foreign currency. At SafeDinar.com they can answer all your questions and you will always get an honest answer.

Dinar Detectives

At Detective Dinar, they publish dinar updates and dinar summaries of all popular dinar experts every day. dinar guruu Detective covers Dinar’s latest chronicle, dinar news and shares Dinar Gurus’ opinion. For dinar guru updates today visit https://dinardetectives.com/

Iraqi dinar future prediction

Iraqi dinar future prediction
Financial experts and economists are confident that the Iraqi economy will recover and the Iraqi dinar will be revalued up to three dinars per Dollar. They believe the Iraqi economy is expected to peak in 2013. Currently, a million Iraqi dinars are worth less than a thousand US dollars. There was a time when a million Iraqi dinars were worth $ 3,000,000.

It is important to remember that Iraq has huge reserves of crude oil and many areas in Iraq that have not been geologically explored using the latest and most advanced seismic techniques.

According to ancient research, Iraq now has at least 115 billion barrels of crude oil reserves. However, the Iraqi government has publicly stated that Iraq has large oil reserves and is likely the largest in the world.

Financial analysts believe that even when the value of the Iraqi dinar is measured One dollar (this is the currency with the lowest value of generally accepted countries in the Middle East) will then equal one million dinars, which is equivalent to 260,000 US dollars.

Studies show that the Iraqi economy has shown signs of recovery since late 2003 and the conversion of natural resources has continued to increase. This in turn will continue to increase the value of the currency.

It should also be remembered that there is a worldwide shortage of oil and the price of crude oil is rising. At present, the currency of the oil-rich countries in the Middle East is much higher than the Iraqi dinar.

The economies of India and China are growing and will continue to grow. And there will be huge demand for oil, which will add value to the banknotes. Hence, there are strong indicators that the currency will continue to appreciate and be revalued to counter Iraqi economic growth.


How Iraq, its economy and thus its exchange rates will develop in the long term is a long-term uncertainty. In addition, Forex trading is always risky because external factors are difficult to control or predict at the international level. Unless you are trading in a regulated market or through a regulated agent, traders and investors should exercise extreme caution when trading the Iraqi dinar or similar currency.

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